The Hottest Thing in Cold Case. . .

How did it happen that I became the center of it? I’m never in vogue. I have the worst timing.

Since 1999 I have been identified with nautical mysteries, adventure, and missing persons. These include some odd subtopics. Nevertheless, I gained lots of mainstream respect for my approach, including a Resolution in Congress. When it became evident that I investigated a wide range of unusual topics, I slowly evolved into the “Real life Kolchak.” But I was still a historian, not a journalist. I was cleaning up history. “Perhaps it’s not Mr. Well’s  history, I’ll grant you,” said the fat man, “but history nonetheless.”

“Why don’t you do something more current?” it was once said to me.

I ignored it. I delved into true crime and cold cases. They were more frustrating than the world’s pantheon of famous phenomena, but far more exciting. Naturally, I began with Jack the Ripper. All students of cold case begin here. He is the first. Next were to be the Manson murders. Though solved, Manson’s cult killings rate as the greatest enigma in crime. So one begins with the most famous unsolved serial killings and the most enigmatic. This teaches the investigator the complexity that could be behind an unsolved crime spree.

I have yet to tackle The Manson Chronicles, my intended tome on the subject. I became consumed with The Zodiac Killer. It was my first taste of direct crime scene investigation. It was history, but not so old as the others.

While stymied as to how to bring to book my Person of Interest, it was suggested to me yet again: “Why not something more current?”

I ignored it.

I not only chose an old case (beginning in 1976) I chose a fairly obscure one. I chose the case of EAR/ONS. Years of investigation, a huge section of my new Quester Files website devoted to the case, and now in September 2015 thousands visit it and await the results of my investigation. Journalists, criminal attorneys and even Homicide contact me for my input.

I thought I was tackling a cold case, but it turned out that it was for the True Crime genre the hottest there is. I can rate the popularity of pages on my websites.  EAR/ONS is No 1. My updates page alone gets hundreds of hits a day. I cautioned my readers on my updates’ page that relatively speaking only a small group still know and follow this bizarre cold case. True, but relative. Within Cold Case the interest in EAR/ONS outdistances Ripper and even Zodiac.

This is where it begins. Before it ignites the public the genre must become ignited first. We are at the door.

Thus I welcome all to my new blog here. It will become the center of updates for all the topics I investigate, for EAR/ONS, and for website information and upcoming events.

In my next post I lay out why we are at a very crucial juncture in this cold case.


8 thoughts on “The Hottest Thing in Cold Case. . .

  1. GQ, I would love it if you would tell us as much as you are able about your person of interest “RP”, how you came to find him, and provide a status update.


    1. Right now the poi has been turned into Sac. co. sheriff cold case hands. I’m giving them some time before I take up the lead again. More information will be posted at the appropriate time. Cheers. G


    1. I always appreciate a fan of the truth. I just always warn them to make sure they never forsake it for the folklore. 🙂 Frankly, for this case the truth is more unbelievable than legend. Cheers, G.


  2. I see this was written in 2015. It is now June 20, 2016 and I was just wondering if any authorities have investigated you POI and did anything solvable come out of it. And keep up the steller work. Thanks..


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