Critical Clue . . . Maggiore Double Suspect

The Maggiore Double Murder has long been considered significant as a possible and critical clue to uncovering the identity of the most elusive and pre-calculating serial villain in history. EAR/ONS was so careful there was never a prime suspect in the long lasting and vast criminal serial spree of rape/sadism/terrorism/murder.

But something got out-of-hand on the night of February 2, 1978, between 9 and 9:30 p.m. in an area EAR may have been stalking– Rancho Cordova, at La Gloria and La Alegria, a nice part of the blue collar town.

Brian Maggiore.
Brian Maggiore.

Brian and Katie Maggiore were murdered. Brian was an Air Force sergeant with the Mather Field Security Patrol.

Composites were taken of two men seen in the vicinity, one of them even had jumped the fence after Katie Maggiore was murdered in that house’s backyard. When this suspect saw one of the neighbor boys watching him he turned around and ran the other direction and faded into the night.

I made no bones about it in my Questerfiles page on the Maggiores that the evidence points to the Maggiores having to die. The perp had to kill them. They were chased into one house’s backyard, where Brian Maggiore was killed and then, because the fence between the houses was down due to work, he chased Katie Maggiore down the side of the next yard and just before she could get out the front gate on La Alegria Drive, the villain shot her in the head. He chased them both and killed them.

My contention was that they had recognized their killer in a compromising situation. Something serious. Not some cheap drug deal. Something that could identify him as the notorious and No 1 feared villain in Sacramento county at that time– The East Area Rapist. They had to die.

The first set of composites.
The first set of composites.

Many have felt EAR was responsible for the murder or at least one of the two men. There is a reason. A tangible clue was found. Ligatures that had been tied together — laces or string tied together to make a longer piece. EAR was known to do that. They were found near the scene as if accidently dropped from the killer’s pocket.

One of the suspects underwent a metamorphosis in the composites and a revised composite was reissued later. This is the one that jumped the fence apparently. He has a more military cut now and no mustache.
One of the suspects underwent a metamorphosis in the composites and a revised composite was reissued later. This is the one that jumped the fence apparently. He has a more military cut now and no mustache.

News started coming to me a few months ago that a man was being sweated in Hollister, California, by the Feds as an accomplice in the EAR/ONS crime spree. He was seeking a criminal attorney for possible defense.

Conspiracy? Some believe there may have been an accomplice helping EAR. A few believe there may have been more than one rapist listed as EAR. But only once was it certain that two men were involved in a seemingly motiveless crime that may have connected to EAR– The Maggiore Double Murder.

I suspected the man lawyering up was suspected of being one of the two men. My suspicion was underscored by the fact the Feds were sweating him. The Feds have no jurisdiction in the crime spree of the EAR/ONS . . . but they do in a military murder. If it was indeed the Feds sweating this guy then it had to be over the Maggiores.

This is the case. The Air Force Office of Special Investigation announced on Facebook the case is still open. A local Fox40 newswoman Marin Austin contacted me. She asked me to appear, despite my looking like an uprooted rubber plant. When we met she told me she had called The Air Force. She confirmed it had to do with the ligatures.


How to interpret this? I always wondered why pictures were never released. Stockton and other jurisdictions released photos of the ligatures EAR/ONS used. Why not here? Jason Cvitanov was the detective on the case in 2009 when Todd Lindsey made the first real documentary on the case. All he said was that the ligature knots matched others EAR had used. Why not show them? Why must it always be an inference we can’t see? I thought they had probably lost them, and Cvitanov just read a report. It does happen. There’s no point in being acrimonious after so long.

The un-revised composite was used by the Air force in their announcement.
The un-revised composite was used by the Air force in their announcement.

But I doubt that is the case now. I heard the Feds were trying to match DNA. This probably means Sac hasn’t been showing the ligatures because of the delicacy of the evidence. They’ve probably been trying to pull DNA off of them. If they were successful and it matched EAR, the POI would have been arrested immediately. That’s not the case. But something is up. And it has to do with the second POI seen out there that night long ago.

It began last year when someone turned in a POI. Perhaps there’s a DNA match with him, but not with EAR. Maybe the Feds want him to talk about who the other man who was out there that night.

Let’s hope the Feds make some headway.

We must wait.


2 thoughts on “Critical Clue . . . Maggiore Double Suspect

  1. From reading this particular article and checking out a photo from Brian’s yearbook, I’m assuming that one POI was actually a classmate of Brian’s. That person’s death date matches up with some other information on this sight.

    Whether I’m right in my guesswork here or not, I do appreciate all the work you’ve put into investigating this case. Thanks!

    Let’s hope this gets solved in the near future.


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