EAR/ONS Update . . .

A quick summary for those who don’t know what’s going on in the hunt for The NIGHT PREDATOR — The East Area Rapist aka Original Night Stalker.

I know of two major investigations going on and of a number of POI turned in this year alone.

Many are familiar with my close group of POI within auto-wrecking and how one just recently skyrocketed to interest. As things were getting interesting, Sac. County Homicide Ken Clark contacted me for my thoughts. I turned in this POI and took a much needed break. I have hopes Clark is pursuing him, despite some of the improbabilities.

For months now I’ve been hearing of a POI who is worried about being charged with accessory in EAR related crimes. Since all the rapes are outside of SOL, it could only mean it has to do with the murders. There is no information that EAR while killing in Orange Co., Ventura Co, and Santa Barbara Co., had any accomplice. This would narrow it down to the Maggiore Double Murders in Sac County. Although no one was sure EAR was responsible, it was heavily suspected. Two persons of interest were seen at the general area of the crime scene. Ligatures were found that indicated EAR was afoot. This is, in fact, the case. The Air Force Office of Special Investigation and the FBI are the ones working that angle.

Thus there are two major veins of investigation now– Sac Co. Homicide looking into RAP and the Feds and Air Force working on a link to EAR/ONS through someone who could possibly have been the second man seen out on La Alegria and La Gloria in connection with the Maggiore Double Murder. The ligatures found at the scene are key here. This means there could be DNA.

Maggiore Double Murders

There are also a number of persons of interest still being turned into So. Cal jurisdictions. In all I would say dozens have been turned in this year, 4 specifically in relation to the Maggiore murders. Let’s hope something comes of this.

As I said, I intended through my investigation and its fruits displayed on  The Quester Files to either solve the case or be a significant link to doing so. So far I am very proud to say that the years I spent re-stalking this predator has certainly paid off by placing this crime spree at the forefront of cold case consciousness. It’s not going to go away anymore. And with the details on my site, no one will be able to devolve this case into legend.


3 thoughts on “EAR/ONS Update . . .

  1. Chances are that with all the driving around this person was doing, especially in the wee hours of the morning they were stopped more than once. Did the police ever instruct their patrol units to write down the license numbers of cars parked in places that were out of the way of houses or were driving in residential areas at odd hours of the day? I would be willing to bet this guy was stopped more than once during his crime spree. The D C snipers were stopped on eleven (that’s 11) different occasions during their spree. Couldn’t the task force working that case have used that information. If I wanted to catch this guy and I had the manpower at my disposal I would go to all the high schools in the areas where the crimes started and I would go through all the yearbooks from about say 1966 to 1976 and I would write down the names of all the students who looked like they could fit the sketches. Then I would track down and interview every one of these people. Maybe one of them might know something useful or maybe you would run up on the actual creep that did the crimes. At least you would have names and faces instead of question marks. You say that’s a lot of legwork, sometimes that’s what it takes. During the time of Jack the ripper the police conducted a house to house search of the entire east end of London. They didn’t turn up the killer but they were leaving no stone unturned. I wonder how many times Ted Bundy, with all the constant driving he was doing, was stopped for some traffic infraction? You have to get your patrols involved in these cases.


  2. Hi. I saw the TV show tonight on 48/hours. My question is: in 1985/86 (possibly 84? I’m not sure but probably 85 (?) in West los Angeles we had a rapist/killer who struck 1st floors only & right close to freeway onramps. Identical M.O. & fear. After WLA he went down to orange county . I lived in Mar Vista on Barrington street a long couple of blocks between national & McLaughlin ( & mar vista park ) we weren’t too awful far from national off-ramp. I remember me & friends were mid twenties most of us young mothers. I was upstairs & felt pretty safe. But my neighbor downstairs & I talked about it. As I recall he was called Nightstalker. My concern is I haven’t heard mention of WLA attacks. I am curious why not? And I mention this becuz if there are linked attacks in WLA that haven’t been added to investigations perhaps if they are looked at they may have clues not found in depths of info from other investigations. It has been over 30 years but its very clear in my memory that there were a couple of attacks by my house. Anyway: WLA ? What am I missing?


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