Happy October!

I’m not the chills and thrills crowd. Those who know me, though, know that I love the Fall and the holiday seasons. October begins so many celebrations: the harvest and, of course, America’s last “White Night,” to borrow a European term. Halloween is America’s last remaining national festival in which the whole community is the stage. It’s not like 4th of July, where we go to the park, or Thanksgiving where we curl up in the house, or Christmas where the community is decorated merely for our enjoyment as we pass. Halloween the whole community is involved. Door to door the kiddies go demanding their treat or a trick in return. Halloween

I’m not Gothic. Gore doesn’t thrill me. But light spook, good suspense, moody B&W, picturesque days and Poe landscapes, start the autumn merriment out fine for me.  It is my custom, starting October 1, to watch a “Halloween” themed movie. For me, these could be old Charlie Chans, Blithe Spirit, certainly Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, Who Done it?, Hold That Ghost, and Meet Jekyll and Mr Hyde. On the heavier side will be The Haunting, and a towering haunted house thriller of my childhood, The Legend of Hell House.

Amongst this repertoire must always be a heavy dose of Vincent Price: The RavenTheatre of Blood, and many Universal horror flicks: Wolfman, Mummy, Dracula. Nothing is better than the cheeky fun of The House on Haunted Hill (1959).

The House on Haunted Hill today. . .
The House on Haunted Hill today. . .

October I will be concentrating on posts dealing with the more X Files or Kolchakian genre that I investigate. There will be EAR/ONS updates as my investigation continues. Phantom Phacts will continue and we’ll touch on a few of the genres that have gone to the carnival but nevertheless have some very interesting kernels of truth behind them.

It’s a happy month for me, and I wish you all a Happy Fall! It’s time to go buy pumpkins for the doorstep.


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