Do all those acronyms add up? To create a shortcut, let’s hope so.

A prime person of interest now exists. He was not previously suspected. Like so many others who have briefly been POIs (none really ever graduated to the level of suspect) we have someone who is unaccounted for during significant times of the crime spree.

To reiterate a few points:

Knowledge of this POI’s whereabouts during the crime spree is only general. The first period is between June 1976 and May of 1977. He was attending his senior year in high school in Placerville. However, the family still had property in the Carmichael-Fair Oaks area where they had lived and where initially the POI had attended junior and high school.

The EAR attacks began in the Summer of 1976 off Highway 50 in Rancho Cordova, an area between Placerville and the logical first cutoff into Carmichael— Watt Avenue.

It is a fact that there has never been a prime suspect for EAR. For a criminal as prolific as EAR, this is amazing. Of the thousands tested for non secretor status, none fit the bill. We must accept there was something wrong with the bill. And now, finally, a very popular POI is popular for an ironic reason. He doesn’t fit the bill. He looks the part. But he doesn’t fit.

EAR composite. Many show a young man with a long face and full lower jaw.
EAR composite. Many show a young man with a long face and full lower jaw.

A senior in high school would not seem viable, especially with the EAR’s rampage in May 1977, the time of preparation for graduating. A senior in high school 45 minutes from the center of the EAR’s crime spree would also not seem viable. Yet that’s what we are dealing with here in this POI. In June 1976 he was also 17 years old. In a sense, that doesn’t fit either. The sheriffs didn’t really want to consider anybody that young, though detective Richard Shelby was disposed to think EAR could be young because he didn’t stand out riding a bike, and EAR rode a bike frequently.

A school schedule would be of no import during the Summer of 1976. The first strike during the school year would have been the October 5 attack. It was Citrus Heights. The time was about 6:30 a.m. He did not remain as long as other attacks. He could have made it back to Placerville for school. But on the whole trying to second guess the time he stayed in homes with weekend verses weekday attacks (and hence school) is pointless. Most of the 1977 attacks were on weekdays.

The POI doesn’t fit. Enough said . . .except, of course, the real EAR must not have fit either, else he would have been long exposed.

This POI has been uncovered because my investigation has led me to believe that EAR was a trusted employee or member of an owning family involved in auto wrecking, one that had an office that dealt heavily in Volkswagens, a car EAR was often associated with, along with other jalopies with expired plates or those traceable to junked cars at certain yards. My investigation has proved his father was a Volkswagen mechanic and there were many connections with the big wrecking yards on Cemo Circle (Rancho Cordova) and down along Stockton Blvd.

My investigation has uncovered that the family maintained property back in Carmichael and contact with friends. In fact, they had sold 2 properties to the same couple, a couple involved in lunch trucks, those traveling dining trucks that visit auto dealers and repair shops frequently. When this couple’s business property was sold in West Sac., they sold it to an auto wrecker.

I do not know what excuse the young POI made, if he is EAR, but he could have easily driven his Volkswagen from Placerville with the excuse to go see old friends or visit and stay at the other property, perhaps even to do his homework in peace. This was the easy 70s remember. Any “hip” family would let their kid have leeway. With this excuse or from this base of operations, he could strike where EAR did in Rancho Cordova and Carmichael.

Another composite, again in 1977 near a strike location close to Highway 50 in La Riviera.
Another composite, again in 1977 near a strike location close to Highway 50 in La Riviera.

The POI did not go into any heavy college education. This can be deduced inasmuch as when he does emerge into records again in 1989 he is not particularly gainfully employed. Some of his security officer jobs involved living in quite isolated areas.

There is thus a gap from the days of auto mechanics and wrecking until 1989. The EAR/ONS was unaccounted during a span of time late 1981 to mid 1986. It is very possible within this time that he may have served in the military in some capacity. Ex military men frequently used to find security guard to be an easy first step back into civilian life.

I have initiated FOIA to pull any such records as might exist, including photo, plus an extra request to include anything that may be in the file that was handwritten by the POI. If it is available, and it matches suspected handwriting found in Danville, a huge leap has been made that has rendered pointless any detailed search of his whereabouts and profession during the ONS period (1979-1981, 1986.)

We must await this. No handwriting = trouble.


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