CODENAME: Janos Borsky

DOS. Disk Operating System. Call it the autonomic nervous system if you like. But it exists in all things. When mankind created computers, he had to create such an operating system before any programs could be downloaded and processed properly. Before life’s experiences can be downloaded, stored and processed, so must the human computer have an operating system.

Enough of philosophy.

It is a fact, however, that mankind is more than aware of his own nature. We can manipulate DOS or we can defer to it. Witch doctor’s manipulated it. They preyed upon the innate fear in man. Artists cater to it, exploring our instincts– our DOS.

Ritual murder lies in between. It unintentionally yields to it, leaving behind valuable clues.

This commences the dossier for the investigation of the unexplained deaths in suspicious circumstances of dozens of young white, athletic American men, along the Highway 90/94 corridor from New York City to Minneapolis-St. Paul. These incidents are collectively placed under the codename Janos Borsky. This name shall be used to designate the leader of a cell or coven which fits the profile of the perpetrators. Despite most of these being officially regarded as accidental deaths (by drowning), two have satisfactorily been shown to be homicides. These have been at the opposite poles of the corridor– New York and Minneapolis. In these instances, there is no question that more than one perpetrator was involved.

This examination will see if and how those deaths in between these two poles fit or do not fit in the classification of homicide or accidental death; and, if so, if they fit into the framework of being committed by the same perpetrators.

Even if the reason is unknown for a ritual killing, ambiance is key to the setting. The first Borsky hideout was no doubt on Long Island, New York. It could not have been a very inviting house, nor one for whatever reason provoked too much curiosity. The quintessential, foreboding house by American horror genre is the older Victorian with an organ loft or square tower surmounted by a French roof, as demonstrated by the pictures on this page.

An illustrative example, from Salems' Lot
An illustrative example, from Salems’ Lot

In deference to DOS, film artists have revealed to us part of that innate world of our instincts. Such homes are distinctive but not too grand. Those surviving today are in fairly rural backdrops.

It is such ambiance that the mobile coven would seek, one that requires both isolation for its ritual, plus the solitude that is necessary for the torture to some of its victims.

Based on accumulated circumstances:

Janos Borsky commands a cell or crime coven consisting of several members. The following shall be assumed and presumed of this crime coven. There is a certain amount of wealth behind it, though not unlimited. There is sophistication in its leadership. Its base of operations, transient, is a rural house. They are not grand mansions, but they have a certain ostentation, probably slightly neglected. They follow the pattern of DOS that ritual or “aesthetic” crime must and the exigencies that the ritual requires. The homes are probably of Victorian age or appearance and somewhat isolated.

Houses on Universal Studio's backlot in the 1950s-- based on real homes they have often been used for the stereotypical haunted houses.
Houses on Universal Studio’s backlot in the 1950s– based on real homes they have often been used for the stereotypical haunted houses.

The house is rented by a member of the crime coven. Others visit. The actual number in residence or using the home cannot be determined by locals. Outwardly, the one who rented it, quite possibly Borsky or his main lieutenant, are model citizens, though somewhat aloof. The owner has a sedan. One of the visitors may use a van, or the van might only turn up on the stalking nights and therefore not be seen by local citizens and associated with the house.

The stalking is visual, selective of a type, centered on the local bars, rather than of any particular individual beforehand. The victims are young men in their prime. They are athletic, handsome, usually attending university, and invariably catholic. In each incident they vanished after leaving the bar, often in varying states of intoxication. The persons are either not found again or found much later in a nearby river or body of water. The circumstances in which they vanish only lends credence to the prosaic theory that they drowned while intoxicated.

It should be noted that some of these cases overlap what is popularly called the Smiley Face Killer Theory. This theory is not endorsed here. It is a matter of happenstance that some cases overlap. Some of the theorists’ observations will be noted where pertinent, as they are relevant to individual cases they personally investigated. Some overall patterns and collations will also be cited.

doctored up for effect in the popular comedy The Ghost & Mr. Chicken.
doctored up for effect in the popular comedy The Ghost & Mr. Chicken.

The Smiley Face Killer Theory is, in a nutshell, that a widespread gang of serial killers operate in several states and kill young, white, college age athletic men. They drown them and then slip them into a lake or river and mark the location with a smiley face graffito. The motive is their desire, in essence, to thumb their nose at the police.

The logistics that must be involved for a crime gang to carry out such series of murders is quite immense. To think that such a crime gang would do so for the paltry thrill of saying “neah, neah” to the police, “try and catch me,” is naïve at best. The theory also over estimates the ability of the police in several jurisdictions to even uncover a connection between the location where the body has been found in a river and the location of the smiley face graffito which, given currents and sometimes months, are far apart. Moreover, one would imagine that such a crime gang would also suffer from an informant.

The ultimate foreboding and neglected house-- the Bates house from Psycho.
The ultimate foreboding and neglected house– the Bates house from Psycho.

Only groups or covens held together by religious or cult devotion, or fear, have been able to act without any real worry of informants. For example, the Mafia is seldom informed upon from within, largely due to the retribution factor.

Outside of the medical profession, no serial killer has ever tried to disguise his acts as anything but murder. Those that dumped their victims in the woods, under floorboards, or wherever, may have tried to hide the bodies but did not make the victims look as if they died from some other natural cause.

It can be argued that some crime coven, however, with an ulterior motive from the occult, would wish to hide the mode of death of its victims. They would not want the victims to appear murdered or merely to have vanished. Mysterious disappearances only inspire curiosity and investigation, often times even decades later, as both the individual mind and the collective popular mind are fascinated by solving a puzzle.

The Borsky crime coven probably does not exceed 5 members, at least for those involved in the criminal aspect of the “gang.” At least one is a woman.

GS-houseBorsky himself must appear somewhat brilliant to his followers. He displays sophistications, but is unquestionably not from any ancient or noble Eastern European house. There may be Brief Adel in his past. But it is likely he is from the merchant or professional background, with an inclination to reading and erudite discussions. He is more than mutton dressed as lamb, but that British expression may capture some elements of his character. Like all pretenders to a certain amount of elitism, he is flattered by references to himself in that light.

The fact that most of the young men seem to be catholic is the most disturbing factor. It indicates a certain amount of specialized stalking or some informant at the respective university.

All aspects will be developed as this examination unfolds.

These deaths commenced in the multiethnic city of New York in 1997. The first case will underscore the logistics and modus operandi required.


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