EAR/ONS– Death of a POI

I have hitherto not mentioned the cause of death of a prime Person of Interest in the case of the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker due to the fact that it was my understanding it was not natural. I finally went to the County Clerk and got my own copy.

Since he died relatively young, there has been lots of interest in how he died in the hopes of finding a tie-in to some disease that might explain the phenomenon noted by the dog handlers. They were certain that EAR must have had an unusual disease or heavy duty drug addition, the two factors that could explain the bloodhounds going to pieces– shaking, slobbering– when they got his scent.EAR-rare

The POI’s death was natural, I would say, but legalities are a different language. The deputy coroner listed cause of death as Accident, despite the fact death was 13 years after the brutal accident; contributing factors being hypertension and obesity.

The POI was a security guard in 1995 at a trucking hub when for some odd reason at 4:00 a.m. he “somehow became entangled behind a vehicle and was drug several yards.”

This doesn’t make it sound as bad as it really was. There was an exploratory laparotomy. A pin had to be put in his left ankle, his right required an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). Multiple skin grafts. . . and a tracheostomy. I think we can safely deduced he was run over as well and not just drug.

Said injuries obviously severally curtained the mobility of the POI thereafter, leading a 37 year old man to slowly become obese and hypertensive. The obesity and hypertension were only considered a “contributing” and “significant” factor but not the result of the injury.

The Death Certificate confirmed he was never married. His education was only high school, so far as graduating was concerned. The address and date of the injury in 1995 was given, so that it was possible to determine the trucking company. This type of business was, of course, in line with his own family background and connections in automobile mechanics and wrecking.

Robert Neville adjusted an old police composite to give us a living image of EAR/ONS, California's most mysterious serial predator.
Robert Neville adjusted an old police composite to give us a living image of EAR/ONS, California’s most mysterious serial predator.

He switched to security in 1989, and with a trucking company in his records now we have a link to try and backwork his previous jobs and locations in more detail.

According to the DC, he was never in the Armed Services . . . that is iffy as it depends on the person giving the information on the DC. Those with dishonorable or other negative experiences may not want to live up to it. Nor do their families. But it is probably true. Nevertheless, I will await response from The National Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis for verification.

There are reasons to be hesitant. His years in the security service are given as 3. In actuality, he had taken out his license in 1989, so that when he died it was nearly 20 years. If the reckoning was to 1995, he still had been working 6 years. Perhaps despite his license in 1989 he did not finally work in security until 1992.

An enormous light may be at the end of the tunnel, at least for this POI, to confirm or  eliminate him as EAR/ONS. There must have been a hell of a civil lawsuit or some kind of legal claim. Hopefully, the paperwork can be uncovered and perhaps, hopefully, I pray, some handwritten deposition is in there. Then we have something to work with to compare with the notes supposedly left by EAR in Danville.


5 thoughts on “EAR/ONS– Death of a POI

  1. Your POI is very interesting. I could totally see him going into security after his run of crimes. It would probably be the only way he could satiate his need for control and power. Especially since his only other skills besides crime was probably working with cars in some capacity. Is there any thing that you learned about him that would explain why he stopped after Cruz and went into the field?


  2. May I ask, have you seen any photos of your POI? does he resemble any of the composites? And also, is there any chance of sneaking familial DNA? (i.e., snatching a soda can, etc., from a blood relative and having it tested?)


    1. Yes. To my knowledge the majority of the EAR/ONS crime board has also seen his pictures. I would doubt there would be familial DNA. All males seem to be dead in his family.


  3. Can you post a link to where I may view his photos please? I’m new to this investigation. Also.. did he have any sisters? Wouldn’t they and their offspring have similar DNA?


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