9 Inches is a Lot

Let’s take a little break in the incremental historical examination of Bigfoot to introduce something VERY new!

Recasting Bigfoot can have no greater tribute than to have inspired an acclaimed artist to take it seriously and materialize before our eyes, in 9 inches of incredible detail, a possible representation, for the first time ever, of the SkoocoomJean

Jean St. Jean is a master of action figure sculpture. He is responsible for bringing into form so many popular characters of film and TV– Batman, Marvel and DC Comics, McFarlane, and Universal Studio’s Monsters– to name only a few. He has also worked with such celebrated artists as H.R. Giger. In a special collector’s edition debuting in Spring 2016 he is bringing to life the Skoocoom along the lines of my interpretation of the original descriptions of the giant hairy wild man and “Gorillas of Mount St. Helens,” the home of the fearsome Skoocoom.

Jean St. Jean has partnered with others to form a new company to issue niche collectibles– CreatuReplica. This link takes you to their website where you can check out their new lines.

In this 9 inch action figure Jean makes Skoocoom a native American hominid. The  Platyrrhinian nose seems to go so well with a developed humanoid face. The basis is the howler monkey, which matches a number of significant old west descriptions.

This is not the place to go into details on what led me to such a species of monkey. This is the place to enjoy Jean’s creative work. Jean has also made a Yeti with the accurate foot as seen in the Shipton photo of 1951! Please check out the pictures and go check out his website above.

Check out these links to look at some of the arguments on Dsonoqua and Skoocoom as native American anthropoids.





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