EAR/ONS– Jottings

As we all know, the Feds have declared publicly their renewed interest in the case. This follows a couple months after the Air Force Office of Special Investigation announced their interest is renewed in the case of the double murder of Brian and Katie Maggiore, so often linked as possible though impromptu victims of EAR. Sac County Homicide is involved again, in this case even asking me my thoughts on the case.  News outlets are doing stories, some featuring me. For Sac, interest revolves around the Maggiores, EAR’s only suspected murders in their jurisdiction. All the rapes are long outside of Statute of Limitations.

My website has also reinvigorated popular interest as well.  It has brought back with extreme clarity just what this villain was like. It is almost incomprehensible that someone like EAR existed. I likened him to the real life Michael Myers, and I meant it. He didn’t stop.

Popularity is fine. But remember, the ZODIAC case has been popular since 1986. That only gave us folklore and no official solution. All of the kudos sent my way are fine, and I appreciate them, but I want more. I want solution.

All my years of research and investigation has winnowed down to auto wrecking and then to a specific circle of them and then down to one person, a surprising person who would have been unsuspected at the time.

I decided to go for the throat– get handwriting. EAR is believed to have dropped in Danville that notepaper with diary like or school assignment writing on it and a map of a community that marks the second house or so from the corner. That’s EAR’s ideal victim house. If handwriting from the new POI should match that handwriting– bingo! There may be enough for the law to go get DNA. Case closed. . .or all this is wasted.

A colorized version someone online did of the map. A new community being built, an improbable lake fed by a creek– no one has found this community in real life.

Old news for most of you. But now the new. I tried a quick route in by going to Cal/OSHA. The POI was in a hell of a strange accident at a shipping hub at 900 E, West Sacramento, while working graveyard in security. There was, naturally enough, an investigation and report, one that could have contained a written depo by the POI. Cal/OSHA, in fact, had such a report. Sadly, I was just informed it was destroyed. Record keeping is only 7 years.

900 E

I have also sent inquiries into major security guard training centers, asking if the said POI was trained there and if there is any copy of a hand written test. No response as yet.

I still await the military, but odds are slim that he was in and it was simply not admitted by him or his family on the DC.

I have no idea if there was a lawsuit over the injuries, so I will have to check the court records soon enough.

I was able to get EAR’s stalking pattern down pat in Sacramento. It is the reinterpretation of the map below which ignited so much interest. It can indeed suggest EAR came into Sacramento’s east area along Highway 50 and was not based therein. We know that would be his MO later. In Contra Costa Co. and in So. Cal he drove long distances along the main highways to hit his victims. If he started that way, then it would indicate he came from east of Sacramento along Highway 50.

East Area Map-2

 The areas where the POI grew up are marked by exclamation points.

As I noted before, EAR struck off Highway 80 only twice (25, 28). It seems far for him, and this doesn’t fit with someone based in the East Area of Sacramento. Rather EAR stuck around Highway 50 and then did not venture far from the axis of Manzanita Blvd./Madison Avenue (the central “T” in the map), Sunrise (red), Watt Ave (blue) Hazel (pink) and the major ones that crossed them– Madison Avenue and Greenback (crimson). Everything points to Highway 50 being his entrance and exit into the East Area.

Since EAR tied his victims up, and often cut their phone lines, he gave himself at least 30 minutes (often more) to get back to the highway and on his way home. Only on a couple of occasions did EAR slip up. One was that time in Danville when the owner took him by surprise. He fled and it is at the spot where the bloodhounds traced him that those incriminating note pages and map were found.

How to find someone’s handwriting near 40 years later? I am still trying. And, frankly, I am being a bit ornery in the interim. Some of you can probably second guess what I am doing.

But this post just begins the new updates. Other avenues are bringing about corroborating discoveries with auto wrecking and towing. In the next post we will examine those interesting notes found in Danville and hopefully let EAR speak enough to betray himself in another way.

*         *          *

For 25 years Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.





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