Clues of Omission — EAR/ONS

The search for the real life location of the map left by EAR at Danville near Sycamore Valley Road has proven fruitless for all who have sought it. This does not mean the map is merely a doodle. EAR stalked and prowled many places and we perhaps have never heard of them. There are only a few we’ve heard about. Thunderbird Place in San Ramon is one. Alert homeowners uncovered clues that EAR had been in their houses. But a sheriff stakeout came up empty. That faceless, stalking wraith never returned, and even more unnerving he may have found out about the sheriff stakeout and didn’t take the bait.

At every location where his prowling was uncovered he never returned.

EAR had also stalked by the golf course in Walnut Creek, and there too a homeowner noticed her house had been entered and a picture of her was missing. This incident is somewhat revealing, for this was the furthest from Highway 680 that EAR prowled. He usually remained quite close. He never returned here either.

Firestone Drive by the golf course in Walnut Creek. A row of CATs leads to this point. You see the canal, the trail,  the alley way.

EAR appears to be the bold prowler on San Joaquin Drive, Danville. Here, however, he was seen. This gives us a clue how bold he could be. He was dressed as a jogger and probably jogged the neighborhood for days, looking quite innocent, before he entered a yard and then the family room of a homeowner. When the homeowner came into the room she was surprised to see this jogger standing there. He ran out into the yard and then onto the street and jogged away. EAR never struck this neighborhood.

There is little reason to doubt the jogger was EAR. By now we know EAR’s Stalking MO. San Joaquin Drive follows his pattern exactly. He  followed Iron Horse Trail, one of his favorite avenues in the Contra Costa Corridor, and must have entered the development via Marques Court, which has a narrow walkway– another familiar tactical ally of his. Just opposite the trail is a school and a walkway. The area is a blueprint of his modus operandi for prowling.

Iron Horse Trail, Marques Ct and San Joaquin Drive. The school on the other side of the trail.

We can probably guess fairly well where EAR parked or would have parked when he finally came back at night. Most likely on St. Helena Drive by the school or by the park across the street. Such a familiar pattern to us all by now. He could park in one neighborhood and access relatively easily the other neighborhood on foot through a walkway. No way to really stand out. During the day he was but a daily jogger. Who would give a second glance to a man in sweats and a knit cap jogging along? Who could associate him with a car, a license?

A closer look. The walkway, the trail, the school and community opposite on the other side of Iron Horse Trail.

But he was seen. He was seen only once. He never returned. He was that careful. As you all know I believe that EAR monitored police band traffic. He knew they had discovered his stalking along Thunderbird Place and Firestone Drive in Walnut Creek. He knew he had been seen at San Joaquin Dr.

There were also reports on Princeton in Danville as well, north of the Liberta Court strikes. Here again we see the same type of community– Iron Horse Trail to one side, a deep natural canal on the other and a narrow walkway and bridge over it to a separate community.

Just how much did EAR prowl? Well, we all know quite a bit. But when you add the neighborhoods where he prowled but never struck, it seems mathematically astronomical that someone could devote so much time to prowling. This was truly his hobby.

Danville. Numbers mark where he struck. The stars indicate where he had prowled but did not strike. EAR clearly followed Iron Horse Trail. Follow it further south off the map and it passes No 40 and then Thunderbird Place. Follow it north and it will pass close to his strike points in Walnut Creek.

How many communities are there that we don’t know about? It would be fairly easy to guess quite a few. We could even guess which ones. Just using Google Earth one can follow canals, CAT lines, see parks and walkways. EAR was that methodical. Or was he merely logistic? Logistic, I think. No one could drive around so much and find these type of communities. He biked the trails and ventured off and reconnoitered. For Danville above, he found his communities by following Iron Horse Trail. He must have biked it for quite a distance, then moved in closer by parking in ideal locations and jogged specific areas that looked promising.

Iron Horse Trail behind Victim No. 43.

Except for a community showing some walkways between major streets, EAR’s map is devoid of the usual tactical alleys he relied upon in his prowling. The location will probably never be found, but it is undoubted that he drew such maps in general and prepared so carefully. This was his hobby and his game, and I am thankful that my contribution to his pursuit hinged upon uncovering and accentuating his stalking MO. His premeditated nature has underscored for all how arrogant he was, and this has inspired sufficient indignation to boost the reopening of the case and the escalating of public attention.


One thought on “Clues of Omission — EAR/ONS

  1. hey, the map may be a fantasy or it could be a money is on the calle real area tru lake los cernaros park close to the 101 up to shamrock off n lapatera it was his dig and retreat that. imo found queenann ln and the off/mann condos?


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