Bookings with Books . . .

I’m going to be hitting the books, in a different way. I’m going to have to be writing them! I’m 3 books or more behind where I want to be. I have many other cold cases I’m interested in, as well as getting more intense in some of my other Kolchakian pursuits. Like everybody I like to take one at a time. But so far I have been frittering on too many. I should be tackling my exposé on D.B. Cooper right now, but HorrorScope, Then Came The Dawn and The Bermuda Triangle II are all still in the queue.

In addition to this, I owe Napa a whole dissertation (basically) on paper on why I believe my suspect is The Zodiac. It’s been a while since I said I would have it.

The reason why I am so delayed is because of EAR/ONS. It overwhelmed me to do all that I eventually realized had to be done to just reestablish the details as much as possible.

So you can see where I’m at. I need to get focused.

When I get into writing a book, I let a lot slip. Writing, especially nonfiction where you have to be careful of facts, is the most physically, mentally and emotionally draining endeavor.

The upshot is that I will not be posting blogs as often. As I write on the books I will continue to tailor The Q Files for full uploading. The site is not even fully developed due to EAR/ONS. I will, of course, be keeping you all updated on EAR/ONS info as it comes in.

Here’s a sneak at my line up. I’m not sure in what order these will get finished. DJ-mock2

The much anticipated sequel to my first book, Into the Bermuda Triangle. There is much to update and explore, but the book is killing me. The original made quite an impact. It was the first in 25 years and it went into special printings. It was even optioned for film by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner, but so far the screenplay has never been produced. As I recall it was quite prophetic to the disaster to MH370. I recall the screenwriter Caspian Tredwell-Owen telling me (back in 2004) that the adaptation had to do with a jumbo that vanishes and the hero of the story, whose wife was on the plane, pursues the Triangle and a solution to the mystery.


Equally anticipated since 2012 but delayed. My EAR/ONS experiences in the interim have proven beneficial. I postponed this as I was stifled with trying to figure how to proceed with formal solution.

The unexplained in True Crime is fraught with “daddy did it” books and just more rehashes before some writer gets to his own personal suspect, who invariably has no family that can sue. In real life it is not so easy. Those who follow my cold case files know that I investigate.  Writing and knowing how to really investigate can go hand-in-hand. And I see no point in doing both without truly trying for a solution.

EAR/ONS was meant to unfold before the reader on the web, as there will be no book. Everybody can see how meticulous I can get. No one has seen an investigation like that presented before them in detail on the web.  This has put me in good with Cold Case people, but this has been a two edged sword. They too are expecting a solution from me regarding Zodiac.

But a book can’t be like the web. I am trying to recreate the crimes and times vividly here, then the era that follows, and then my own investigation and, hopefully, formal recognition of solution.


A fascinating mystery, I should have been done with it long ago. It is not so complex as my other endeavors because I do not try to solve it. But much has been written and much has evolved about the story and I am in a position to put all the facts in one volume to be THE volume to consult on what is possible and not possible in all the theorizing on Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.

So bear with me please. I have to get a couple of these done this coming year. It is a nightmare to write two nonfiction books in that time.


2 thoughts on “Bookings with Books . . .

  1. Hi Gian, do you have a POI for the EAR/ONS case that can be placed or at least have an opening in the time to be placed in Florida in September, 1981?


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