Ruminations– EAR/ONS and Motive

Maggiore Double Murder

The picture that opens this post is a slight manipulation on my part of the original done, I believe, by Robert Neville. He took the sheriff composite of one of the Maggiore Double Murder suspects (Feb 2, 1978) and made it look like a living portrait. I made the jaw longer and the lower lip a little fatter to match my POI, which apparently has now become the tentative premier POI.

Not much manipulation needed to be done. The lower lip wasn’t made as thick as my suspect, but I just wasn’t up to it. One of the two men seen on La Gloria the night of the Maggiore Double Murder was described as having “thick lips,” but as always with the two composites, descriptions change between the two. Sometimes the tall one is said to have thick lips; sometimes the shorter one who matches EAR/ONS in every other detail.

Cordovan March 22 1978-3

It is still confusing to this day which of the two suspects had the mustache. They change on the composites. EAR was suspected to use such a disguise, and a person of interest in a couple of bona fide EAR attacks was described as having a mustache. However, the Maggiore Double Murder was the only time two men were seen together as suspects.

The description of one of the two nevertheless matches EAR, and this has made EAR a suspect early on in the Maggiore Double Murder, if not for the one who pulled the trigger than for being the other one out there.


The fact one composite resembles other EAR composites and certainly resembles my POI only causes me to believe that the suspect with his hair on the right was EAR. If he is the Maggiore killer, then I would have to say the motive was the fact that Brian Maggiore recognized him in a compromising situation and Maggiore and his wife had to die as a result. I have said this many times. Maggiore must have known him. But what’s the link? If he was not the killer, why did the other man go berserk and chase the innocent couple down?

I ponder that orange dragon emblem on the chest of one of the two suspect’s jacket pocket. It’s never been traced. Was it really a dragon? There was that word or name on EAR’s jacket chest at Danville in July of 1979. It began with a “C”. I speculated “Cobra” for Cobra Radio. After all, EAR must have monitored a CB. 1976-79 was the CB Radio craze.  He may have had an official or custom jacket. In any case, it dawned on me, just what did patches look like back then? Was there an orange Cobra patch? I got out my childhood comics from the 1970s (yes, I still have them) in which advertised Gandalf’s Products. Sure enough there it was– 1970s all over the page for patches.

The patches are 3 inches and produced for all ages. To my surprise, the Playboy bunny was in there! I got this Scrooge comic in 1974! Certainly the 1970s were open minded if kids could order these.

The Crime Spree

But what about the whole crime spree of the EAR/ONS? It refines before our eyes. It becomes more complex before our senses. His stalking MO develops into a logical, intricate tactical plan. Yet what truly starts someone to do this?  Using studies of captured rapists doesn’t help. As the Mayor of Davis put it, EAR was truly not a rapist; he was a “sexual terrorist.” Rape was only one gambol to which he subjected his victims.

Just what motivated him first to carefully assail a home, terrorize the victim, then enjoy it so much it became an obsessive game to him?

The Murders

EAR’s murders followed that same pattern. I don’t believe he intended to kill the Offerman/Manning couple. But I say the clues are there that he liked it. Then he starts refining his attacks and intentionally comes to murder his next and all subsequent victims. He is so careful he plans months in between. The house breaking rapist who once hit 5 homes in one month now is so careful he strikes months apart . . . then he quits.

I cannot explain a motive for anyone starting this type of crime spree and then escalating it. I can only note the obvious progress that he makes. He is always calculated. It takes arrogance, I know. Yes, he got a thrill. But this was not just a thrill spree. It was a hobby that lasted years. He was a careful, premeditated hobbyist who then quit.

To write off EAR’s motive as a “thrill spree” erases the details that must be there and that must have been unique to him. Sadly, I believe we will never know. He got away with murder.


*         *          *

For 25 years Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


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