New Year and New EAR

New Year’s Resolutions? I hate them! I won’t make one this year. Rather I think it is best to slowly bring about significant changes in 2016 and seize opportunities as they arise.

For one case I hope this to be the year I can finally formally solve it and go on. And you all know what case that is– EAR/ONS.

I have since 2011 succeeded in unraveling the faceless villain’s  Stalking MO. Finally, last year I came to a group of POIs in and about auto wrecking and then down to a single POI. He is now the POI of choice, at least for confirming or eliminating.

But that is not enough. It is not enough to leave this like so many other unsolved crime sprees. Too many suspects and POIs exist only on the end of a tongue dangling out spouting an accusation or innuendo. We don’t need this to develop into a real life comic strip like ZODIAC has become.  Until I have solid examples of my POI’s   handwriting to compare with the Danville notepaper suspected to have been accidently left behind by EAR, we only have a focus for our suspicions.

There is much about the new premier POI that fits the profile and circumstances required to have pulled off the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker crime spree. One, perhaps the most subjective but nevertheless powerful, is the likeness. Just in the last few days I spent the cloudy afternoons drawing composites. I took one of the original sheriff composites and adjusted it to fit the everyday hair style of my POI (when not disguising himself he parted his hair on the right). Aside from this not much really needed to be done. A little touching of the nose was all that was required otherwise.

Not until you draw a composite do you appreciate all the details and features in a face. In this case I came to appreciate how much the POI really looks like several of the composites that witnesses helped sheriff artists draw. In more than a few, the large lower jaw and brooding lower lip is obvious. In one, the one I chose to adjust, the Joker-type (from Batman) of lip structure was distinct. During a smile, it curls back into the comic strip villain’s exact garish and unnatural smile.maggiorecomposite2-50%


The lifeless, brooding eyes, vacuous yet predatory like a shark’s. Yes, all there in several sheriff composites.

But are these coincidences?

They most certainly could be.

Yet there are others. EAR disguised his voice. I have said it before, but many new readers come here daily. I proposed that EAR disguised his voice because he had to. He not only spoke in a menacing way– explainable by his desire to feed off terror– but he spoke with his teeth firmly clenched. This is not necessary to inspire fear.

My POI had, quite frankly, a hell of a set of choppers. I don’t know if it was under bite, cross bite, some accident when young and they weren’t even real.  But he had them, and I can’t imagine there wasn’t some kind of unique speech to him.  He had the vacuous, shark’s eyes.  He parted his hair on the right side. At a time when the POI most definitely had short hair, EAR strikes (November 1976) and a composite of EAR at this time can’t help but show him wearing what must be a wig. He struck in the neighborhood where he had grown up before he had moved just a few years before. He first struck off Paseo in Rancho Cordova, the main road when popping off Highway 50, which was the way he had to come to go to Carmichael.

I say it here again to gear us for the new year. We need no resolution. We need to continue to tackle a real life, complex and political pursuit not only to solve a cold case but to unmask one of the greatest serial villains in history.


“Bitter with Daddy” books have given True Crime followers a false veneer of how a cold case, let alone a complex and now famous cold case, must be solved. “Daddy did it” books and their S&M have solved no crime. They have only cheapened the real hunt for some of the most dangerous and elusive human predators. Not only must 4 years of my own investigation be brought to fruition, decades of pursuit by many detectives must finally be rewarded with the solution of this case.  Once again, a new comic strip does not need to be created.

How ironic if it turns out to be the twerp I am after. How I have desired in these cold cases that I should finally rip the mask off and there find a gruesome Phantom of the Opera, some grotesque, hideous form worthy of all the evil he has done. In each case I have discovered it is someone who is the epitome of the unsuspected.

Handwriting is first. Before DNA or, God forbid, an exhumation there must be probable cause. If I turn out vindicated this year in my pursuit of EAR/ONS, we must also accept something else that few, especially in law enforcement, like to accept. They don’t even like to use the expression. But it will have to be used here. . . .

. . .That is for another post.

*         *          *

For 25 years Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


One thought on “New Year and New EAR

  1. Gian, I must say your writing and research for the most part is incredible and I have undo respect. However your POI is not the EAR/ONS.

    Other than the fact that he had no time to stalk so much being a senior in a high school living so far away plus no broad shoulders or chest as a lot of victims reported plus no indication of knot tying plus of course he lived in the Santa Barbara, Ventura or Orange county areas. All you have is a long jawline.

    If you look close very close at your POI senior pic you will see not a man on a rape spree. You will see innocence.

    Your composite comparison in this blog is the suspect from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department cold case murder of Karen Taylor on Oct 1 1985. No indication cases are linked so far.

    Also Gian, slow down my brother, don’t lose anymore sleep, take a little more than that Holiday breath, re-evaluate and move on. Sorry.


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