They are out! I gave you all a head up about Jean St. Jean’s new releases of Cryptos. He is a renowned sculptor, having made many of your favorite action figures and collector statuettes.  He’s worked for DC, Marvel, Diamond, McFarlane, etc. He formed his own company CreatuReplica to market his own sculpts of his favorite pastime– cryptozoology.

Jean credited me with inspiring him to get back into Bigfootery with my book Recasting Bigfoot. My analysis of the whole phenomenon led me to believe that much of it is inspired by native American anthropoids.

For the first time people can now own a 9 inch tall Skoocum based on that theory. He even comes with a Platyrrhinnian nose!

As most of you know, Bigfoot, for all of the corny image it may now have, is the only real fun quest I have amidst all my others as The Quester. There’s no murder, disappearances, mourning families, and hours of report reading. So this gesture on Jean’s part means much to me. He even signed them! I also have Skoocum before it is even officially out!

I think if this run is a success Jean may have some more exciting offers for the Crypto buffs out there.



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