Interpret it as you will . . . but let’s clarify which RP.  There is indeed more than one being cycled apparently, each with the same initials.

The only way to clarify the RPs is to let EAR/ONS do the clarifying. Let’s re-introduce the map again.

East Area Map-2

Brood on this map.

By this time, those who have followed my investigation know what this map signifies. This is where it all began long ago in 1976– going on 40 years now. This is the east area of Sacramento.  I found and visited each attack site and then plotted it. But this is not what excited so many people. It was my re-interpretation of this map which lit everybody on fire months ago.

Of principle interest is the fact that the attacks are grouped around Highway 50 and off major boulevards accessed by Highway 50, with a concentration in the Carmichael area off the main cross roads of Manzanita and Madison.

Back then it was thought that EAR was based in Carmichael. He knew this area deep in, far from the highways. However, if that was the case why did EAR concentrate only around Highway 50? Why not concentrate more attacks around the communities of Highway 80? We see only 2 attacks north of 80– 25 and 28 and these are rather late in his crime spree.

From his later attacks in Contra Costa and So. Cal he undeniably stayed by the highways. He didn’t know these communities. He prowled for the sake of finding a viable victim. This is equally true of his first attack off Highway 50. Paseo and Malaga cross streets are only a few blocks from the onramp. Interestingly, he also treats Highway 80 in Sacramento, his home area, in the same manner. He treats it like it’s in another town and he doesn’t know the area. And there is so much to know just blocks from where he struck 25 and 28– canals, parks, you name it.  It’s EAR territory.


The same rings true for his two attacks in the south area — in Little Pocket and off Sky Parkway. He sticks close to the highways.

If he was based in Carmichael, why is Highway 80 such a foreign and far area for him? So is the southern Sacramento area. He concentrated around Highway 50 and in the heart of the East Area– Carmichael, Citrus Heights. He seems as though he is coming and going to the East Area along Highway 50, but doesn’t seem to know the areas (La Riviera and Rancho Cordova) beyond the major access roads from Highway 50.

I have said it before. I am reiterating. It bears repeating in order to underscore that all the strikes and their concentrations indicate a perpetrator coming to the East Area along Highway 50. He is not coming from Sacramento area because he doesn’t seem to know that area. Highways 99, 5, and 80 are far for him. That leaves Highway 50 from the Placerville direction.

Where EAR chipped away on the door frame to get in to attack Victim No 1. He was no expert in the beginning.


My POI was within a group of POI in auto wrecking and the Volkswagen sales and repair business. He was a few back from the front and suddenly shot up to No 1 at the reinterpretation of the map above. The exclamation marks point to areas where he lived and grew up. He knew that area.

Everything started fitting in place. Now there is a chance to find his handwriting and even attempt a match. It is slow and laborious, but the chance is there. It’s a major motivator to DNA. Other things started falling into place. He liked woodcraft and fishing. The Little Pocket attack is one where a person of interest was seen poorly attempting jogging at Woods Hole, a fishing spot.  The connection? It was the closest and safest way into Little Pocket from the backdoor. Little Pocket is an area the police could have cordoned off quickly. The safest way was to park outside of it on Riverside Boulevard and take the levy in, levy out.


The answer most likely lies beneath 6 feet of earth. He was brought back to the area where he was an unlikely king of the night. It takes more than a shovel to get through 6 feet of earth. It takes probable cause. It takes the handwriting and finding more connections between him and So. Cal. But I think the 40th anniversary is the best year to finally lay this case to rest.

Many of you know that probable cause is the hold up in any cold case. It is not suspicion. There must be reason to proceed in a cold case where a person of interest is dead. He is obviously no longer a threat to people. This makes for a slow process. Law enforcement, even in cold case, has limited man hours.  They also have cases that aren’t 40 years old and stand a better chance of being solved.  So far as I know I am largely on my own in following my person of interest’s past. When I have it I will forward it to the proper authority and let you know here. Or, if I am inspiring here, and law enforcement has taken up my slack on RP and is close (they know whom I am after), then soon we can all rest easy and know for certain.


Despite being the number one and vile villain of California, EAR/ONS was not a super villain like Dr. Evil. His first attacks off Highway 50 reveal him to be a young man, an unskilled housebreaker, and someone who knew the park area in Del Dayo and Fair Oaks. The answer lies here. It lies along Highway 50 coming from the foothills.  No other direction fits. He was a loner. Few knew him. But somewhere he must have left a trace of handwriting.  Sadly, it may be buried with him. But I feel the solution is close.

In the next EAR post let’s finally look at the Ripon Court shooter more in depth.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


2 thoughts on “EAR/ONS & RAP

  1. I’m sure you already know this, but Social Security Death Index lists RAP’s last known ZIP as 95677, in Rocklin (if I’m guessing your RAP right, based on remarks you’ve made and sometimes deleted). Which, if he was there during the Seventies, is even closer than Placerville.


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