EAR & The Ripon Court Shooting

Like the Maggiore double murders of February 1978 in Rancho Cordova, the shooting in Ripon Court, February of the year before in Sacramento’s Glenbrook south of La Riviera, has often been linked with EAR. The difference is that the Ripon Court shooter was alone. In the case of the Maggiore double murders two men were seen, though we are not entirely certain if they were truly together. The locations are both off Highway 50 only minutes apart.

But the description of one of the two men out there at La Gloria and La Alegria in Rancho Cordova, and the description of the Ripon Court shooter in Glenbrook, are quite similar. Both were young, around 20 years old, both had oval faces and hair of the same color parted not-so-commonly on the right side.

Both were killers . . .

The circumstances

Ripon Court, south of Highway 50 near the La Riviera area. EAR had struck in La Riviera before. It was one of his early comfort zones.  But he had never struck south of Highway 50. Nevertheless, he had come from this direction before. In the case of Number 11 on Grand Rio Circle he had taken her car afterward and parked it at the apartments on Great Falls Way, several blocks away down Occidental, the main road into Glenbrook from La Riviera. This is quite puzzling. It indicates that he came to her house by car or foot from several, several blocks away down here, and then drove the victim’s car back some place from which he could once again escape.

In any case, it underscores he traversed the area south of Highway 50.

In other respects Ripon Court fits EAR’s stalking MO. It was across from a school and park. It was off a fairly central street to the main road (Notre Dame/Julliard) out of there back to La Riviera or Folsom Blvd. It was a cul de sac. EAR frequently struck around them or stalked in them. The yard in which he was first found was the second house. EAR frequently struck the second house from the corner. This may not have been the intended house. It may have been the house behind it on Notre Dame Drive, also a house second from the corner.


Ripon Court marked by an exclamation point in relation to main roads and the other victim locations in La Riviera (marked by their number) and the exclamation point marking where EAR left Victim 11’s car.   

The shooting occurred because Ray and his son Rod Miller returned home fairly late one night, about 10:30 p.m., February 16, 1977, and found this young guy — the “lurker”– in their backyard. Rod, 18 years old,  chased him. The guy hopped the fence and ran across Ripon Court to the house opposite and disappeared into the shadows of the yard. Rod likewise was close behind. He jumped up upon the fence and there got a bullet in his stomach. That one bullet made 13 holes and left his father begging for his son to live.  Thank God he did. Both Ray and Rod helped with details for a police composite.


One composite shows a man with hair parted on the right that seems to easily part to the middle when running, for the other shows him with hair parted in the middle. He has a bland, morose and yet sinister face. One composite shows thin lips, the other quite thick lips. The truth no doubt lies between. One of the Maggiore double murder POIs was considered to have “thick lips.” The “lurker” was young and shot to kill. He didn’t shoot Rod in the leg, arm or shoulder. He shot him right in the gut and then bolted away in that yard and escaped. The Maggiore double killer chased them down and made sure each was fatally shot before he too jumped a fence and escaped.

Police and sheriffs immediately considered it might be EAR. No proof has come to this day. (I do not know if ballistics were even attempted to link with the gun that killed the Maggiores or Offerman/Manning.)

It is clear that the lurker didn’t think he could get away and that if Rod continued he would at least see him get away in his car. He stopped on the other side of the fence and fired when Rod came over.

Obviously this young “lurker” needed a gun on his prowling of the neighborhood. EAR packed more than one type of gun over his crime spree.  What was the “lurker” up to otherwise, if this was not EAR?


Ripon Court in relation to Occidental, which leads to and from La Riviera and to Great Falls Way where EAR had parked Victim 11’s car. Notre Dame Drive leads to Folsom Blvd. Lake Forest leads across the nearby CAT corridor– the long clear area under a row of power pylons. EAR’s first La Riviera victim’s house backed the corridor and he would show a frequent use of such areas in his prowling and striking.

It very well could have been EAR. He was prowling but probably not intending to strike this night. This gives us yet another glimpse of him without his mask. A young man with hair parted on the right, lurking in dark yards, agile enough to bolt over fences but not a distance runner. He packed a gun and shot to kill. Also, he never returned. Once EAR was outed from a neighborhood he never returned.


Ripon Court in 2013. This is right where the chase took place.

EAR loved the night. He prowled day and night, but his serious, invasive prowling was largely at night. He prowled many more places than he ever struck. This was an obsessive hobby that he enjoyed. He remained in the shadows, his dull eyes always scanning people in their routines. This seems to fit the Ripon Court lurker.

If EAR, it reconfirms for us EAR/ONS as a night person with hair parted on the right, a long face, and a ruthless drive to continue his hobby undiscovered at any cost.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress. 


2 thoughts on “EAR & The Ripon Court Shooting

  1. Did the Police use dogs or other methods to track the path of the Ripon Ct. shooter? If they did where did that trail lead?


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