EAR and Not GSK

Some would like to know again why I never use Golden State Killer as an alternate handle for the EAR/ONS. One, EAR/ONS is a bad enough handle already. GSK is quite inaccurate and though I am not a judgmental person I find the term offensive since it is giving a State’s nickname to a serial killer as though he is some official emblem of the state. I do not elevate serial killers to that level. There is no Lone Star State Killer, no Show Me State Killer, no  Empire State Killer and no Volunteer State Killer. There need be no Golden State Killer. As I said before it sounds like a Japanese fruit fly gone bad.


Some are also a bit depressed about my statement in my website update that I do not believe that the reward will ever be paid out. That does not mean I do not believe the EAR/ONS case will not be solved, but I do not foresee it being solved beyond moral certainty, not for a long time and perhaps not forever.

It’s nobody’s fault. If the suspect is dead, it is very difficult to get DNA to prove it, and even harder when there is no male DNA. It is just as daunting for the law to get probable cause in these instances.


But it is true that we are only at the threshold of this case’s popularity in the public. Much can still be brought to bear in the future. What is a concern for me, and always has been, is that folklore may try and lay hold as it has in the Ripper and Zodiac cases. “Daddy did it” books are not what the case needs. Wild conspiracy theories are another bad thing that may come. When this case becomes more popular, and it becomes evident that DNA may not be easy, there could be any number of hack writers who will put forward  a suspect and a “case solved” book. After all, without the possibility of DNA there is no way to disprove their thesis.

When and not if that happens public discourse will no longer be on anything relevant. It will be broadsides for and against suspects, authors, claims and counter claims. Clues and evidence disappear in such a madcap world.

From an investigative point of view, I entered this case early. My approach has been one of sharing a complex, ongoing investigation on the web. What I wanted to do could not be put in a book. Videos, pictures, maps, thesis– only the web could serve for my approach. I do not quit. I continue to investigate, but as you know the ZODIAC case is in the forefront now as I rewrite HorrorScope and prepare to face more closed doors with trying to get hand printing examples on my suspect there. I’ve worked on him for years before the EAR case, and now I am close.

So rest assured no matter how long it takes more viable material will come foreword on my investigation into the Night Predator. The case is not near over and it needs more aggressive but positive advertising. I’m sure much more will come forward from others as well.


*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


One thought on “EAR and Not GSK

  1. Gsk is not a good moniker. It might attract someone’s attention to the case, though.
    I think “Night Predator” is the most accurate name for this deviant.


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