The Bermuda Triangle II

So many of those who follow my blog have done so because of my contribution to True Crime and Cold Case. Be that as it may, I still hold my position, perhaps not so coveted, as the “world’s authority” on the Bermuda Triangle. So for those who still follow me for this reason, this post is for you.

YachtI have finally commenced writing my much anticipated sequel to Into the Bermuda Triangle (2003), my first book ever to be published. I had electrified the web for 3 years by this time with hundreds of new cases and fresh research, and McGraw-Hill rushed my book to print. Now, finally, it is time to follow up with much more information, cases and new discoveries in theories. I have cleverly named my sequel “II.”

Well, what do you expect?

In any case, here is a rough-out of the chapter titles.

Chapter 1    The Bermuda Triangle: An Enduring Mystery                  

Chapter 2   A Saga of Disappearing Planes and Lost Ships

Chapter 3   Over a Past Horizon

Chapter 4   “Aircraft Damage and Injury Index Presumed”

Chapter 5   A Triangle of Today

Chapter 6   Is There an Easy Answer?

Chapter 7   Witnesses to a Clue

Chapter 8   Space, Vortices, and Electronic Fog

Chapter 9   Worlds Above; Worlds Beneath

Chapter 10  A Saga of the Earth’s Past

Chapter 11  Electronic Fog: an Answer or a Symptom?

I have finished my second pass on HorrorScope, so that this is the perfect time, while my mind clears of that (so I can take it on again fresh and re-edit), to start on Bermuda Triangle II.




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