Feeling for NorCal– Starting the Dragnet

Let’s put a few things together to start the ball rolling on taking NorCal Rapist seriously.  He can still be prosecuted in Sacramento County because his DNA was filed against by Ann Marie Shubert when she was assistant DA. This has circumvented Statute of Limitations.

To put a few things in a nutshell, NorCal was active between 1991 and 2006 over northern California. His rapes were carefully, very carefully preplanned. He was a home invader. He taunted. He was sarcastic and arrogant and in some ways was a performer for his victims in the way that the Phantom of the Opera might set up the scene to perform before his captured beloved.

But there was no style to him at all. There is no way at the present time, from the information I have, to backwork his stalking MO. The two locations that I know of were off a main road to the local highway. The overall pattern shows how he used the highways strategically. He obviously traveled far distances, thus earning the nickname “NorCal” for Northern California Rapist.

The number and location of his attacks. The attack in Chico (No. 7) is not on the map.


Over the extent of his attacks he achieved 2 scars. One victim gave him a scar over his right eye. Another on his left forearm. Put together with a few facts such a person becomes traceable to all out there with an inclination to do so.

His ability to travel over a fairly wide area means he probably had a job that allowed him to travel. That seems rather basic. But no one has figured how he selected these victims. With EAR/ONS, the No 1 serial predator and home invader in California history, his stalking tells us how. He basically canvassed neighborhoods. NorCal didn’t do that, I’m sure of it. But he had stalked them first . . .  somehow.

The first occupation of choice is always some county employee– sewer-water-lineman– who would need to visit the neighborhood professionally. Or, of course, a tradesman. Neither fit, I think here. Unless he is visiting the victim professionally, visiting a neighborhood will not reveal anything about a homeowner if they are not present.

Somewhere he was attracted to them. full2-scar

This gives us the options of traveling barman or, someone to do with catering or vending.

I like barman or catering, so let’s start with those options.

NorCal always showered before his attacks and had no work odor. Basic, grubby work odor is often nonspecific. Barman and caterer/cook is specific odor. On a barman it will be smoke, the specific smoke smell of a bar. And if he first was attracted to his victims while serving in a bar, he wouldn’t want that odor detected on him by the victim. Odors suddenly bring back memories to us. Caterer/cook would be the same thing. Cooking odors are specific. A bad wonton goes a long way. Grease, oils, grilling odors.

To test this hypothesis, we have the following profile:

NorCal would be in his 40s or early 50s by now. His weight has fluctuated, but at his last attack in 2006 he was quite heavy. He has a distinctive scar along or over his right eye and on his left forearm. He may be or have been a traveling barman or cook/caterer.

At the very least he was someone who could fit in with scars on him and they would not seem too out of place. These are not excessively distinctive scars. They are not the mark of banished Cain. forerunner2

In 2006 he was driving a white Toyota 4runner, two tone– silver bottom/white top. It was captured on surveillance footage before his double attack on Ivycrest in North Natomas in North Sacramento. So at this time he had a distinctive car, weight and two scars.

In the next NorCal post we will start to go into the details of how much attention he paid to his victims. It is especially apparent with his last victims.

*         *          *

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