As many of you know, I’m not on the message boards . . .and I am told some pretty nasty things are said about me there.  But many dozens who have been at one time or another on true crime message boards have hooked up on Facebook and told me of some of their experiences, most of them not very good. A few are dedicated to the message boards and try and bring some coherence to the discussion. Wes is one of them.

Wes (“Murdoc”) has taken it to a higher level and recently released a test video discussing EAR. In it he brings up the “Canon 11,” as he calls it. From his discussions and research these cases appear to be the only ones from which there is conclusive proof to indict the perpetrator known as EAR/ONS.

Canon Eleven is an interesting list, valuable on a number of levels. It also contains an irony.  What Canon Eleven brings forward is paradoxically how scant the information is out of Sacramento where EAR began and concentrated most of his rape/sadism/terror strikes. The connection between EAR and So. Cal where he turned murderer and was known as Night Stalker by the jurisdictions (long before Richard  Ramirez) comes down to a few strikes in Contra Costa County. This is a thin strand in terms of evidence . . . but in quantity of clues it is a strong one.

At the time (1979-1981, 1986) of the ONS crimes there were a few  detectives in Sacramento and northern Cal who thought that EAR was responsible for the murders down south. But the connection was only seen in the careful night stalking modus operandi of the perp and in the location of the victims’ homes near certain topographic features. The connection was also anchored by one other case– the Himmel and Helikon case in Goleta, October 1979. Here the perpetrator fouled up and lost control and the victims got away.

In getting away they naturally were able to impart to the police exactly how the perp behaved and what he had said. It seemed from this that their attacker was EAR, who had last been heard from in northern Cal months before (July 1979) and 300 miles away in Danville.

It seems EAR had traveled again, this time far away down south; a tantalizing clue, as we all know . . . but he never struck down south again, that is to say, there never was another one of his vicious nights out lording over a home and terrorizing the couple therein. In short, this is to say there were no survivors. But in Goleta, not far away from Helikon and Himmel’s house, that very December 1979 a couple is shot dead in their condo’s bedroom — Manning and Offerman. Again, it seemed their attacker had been thwarted by a challenge from his intended victims.

After this, far to the south there was another double murder in the bedroom– the Harringtons; then closer in Ventura the Smiths . . .and the list goes on including another couple in Goleta in 1981, not far from the Offerman/Manning strike.


Over time the clues built up that the same perp was involved and that this was EAR. Then in 2001 the link was made definite by DNA. Fortunately, Contra Costa Co. saved some of the evidence despite Statute of Limitations. The link was definite. Find Night Stalker, now known as Original Night Stalker (because in the interim Richard Ramirez had been given that moniker by the press with little reason) and you have found EAR.

This gives us Canon Eleven.

However, there appears to be no DNA link between the sexual terrorist of Contra Costa Co. and EAR in Sacramento. The link remains that strong strand of clues, even stronger than those that linked the ONS crimes to EAR because Sacramento’s premier night terrorist had many victims who clearly set in stone how he talked and behaved in their homes.  And CCC’s night predator acted the same way and said the same things. It remains a little disheartening, however, to see there is no DNA preserved in Sacramento, but the link is a solid one.

Sacramento’s list is a broad and deep one of victims, and there was on occasion some doubt whether EAR was responsible for all of those attacks attributed to him. For academic reasons, I suppose, it would have been nice to have all the DNA from Sacramento, but that will never be the case. The MO used by the EAR/ONS was so distinctive that it alone can reassure us how to link most of the cases.

Still there are a few that are questionable– No. 26, for instance. No. 17 is a curious one. The Maggiore Double Murders are not definite to many who follow the case.

We will never know how many victims The East Area Rapist had. There are no doubt some attacks that were not reported. Canon Eleven is valuable for its intrinsic knowledge and for how it underscores how time destroys much. Of over 65 victims it now comes down to a few cases that can be used in prosecution and even fewer that legally make the link between two perpetrators to prove they were one and the same.

Before one can even get that far, it comes down to even less. In order to identify an individual it comes down to hand printing. EAR made that terrible mistake in Danville when he fled in July 1979. Everything but this hand writing is a clue. But the hand writing can lead to an individual and this can lead to a DNA test. Then that little genetic fingerprint solves it all.

A solution won’t tell us why, of course. It will only tell us who. If EAR is dead it won’t even bring him to justice. But it will send a powerful message to any other perp out there that they will always be hunted. Someone will always have a list of what they did and what are the vital evidence and clues to nail them. They will always have to look over their shoulder.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


7 thoughts on “EAR/ONS and “CANON ELEVEN”

  1. The proboards are ruled by a mod named Drifter, who believes EAR is the son of a VIP and that law enforcement gave him carte blanche in his rapes and murders. This is absolutely ridiculous, but the sycophants on the board kiss his butt.

    Quester’s input was absolutely not welcomed there. Rather than debate your ideas/theories, they attacked you. They’re like a social club based around a cold case, where popularity and other social bs is held in higher regard than stimulating conversation/ideas.

    Until recently, they were the only game in town.


  2. Drifter has a right to his opinion and I feel that he does a pretty good job moderating the boards. You’re certainly not required to believe his theory in order to participate and it’s a pretty nice environment overall.

    The opinions on Quester’s contributions run the gamut there but I would say that in general, Quester’s research is greatly appreciated. His website is an invaluable resource, and I eagerly check his blog often to hear his latest thoughts, theories, and progress.

    There IS division amongst some EARONS hobbyists, and that’s something I’ll never understand. We’re all completely on the same team and we all want EARONS brought to justice.

    If Quester solves the case I’ll throw him a parade. Even if he doesn’t directly solve it, most of us are aware that his research/resources are quite beneficial and that anything done to move this case forward, like his recent podcast/media outreach efforts, is valued and greatly appreciated.

    I’m sorry if anything unfair has been said about you on any of the discussion venues. Thank you for your efforts on this case.


  3. No offense, but Winters is a newbie. Her join date is June 2016. There’s been a lot of new blood joining the forum recently, and they don’t share a majority of the old guard’s opinions. I myself have just recently logged back in, and I had messages in my inbox from March of 16. I grew board with the armchair pop-psych…who is bonnie??? I have links for proof and I’d be more than willing to provide them. When your site was still under construction, drifter said you were a member of the board….

    “The person who set up the Quester Files website is a regular forum member, here.

    I won’t say who it is, but will let him/her discuss their site, if he/she wishes, using this thread or a new one.



    Dated January of 15

    Here’s a thread of you taking all the credit


    Shall I continue? There were talks that your name was fake, etc. etc. Winters wasn’t there. You don’t have to be a member of the boards to view these, but there are member’s only threads dedicated to you. I’m not saying everyone there hates you, because that’s not true, but I’ve seen more Ad hominem attacks than well reasoned arguments. Generally, you’re the bigfoot guy with the caveat that your site is well done. I may be giving drifter a hard time – he’s not that bad – but it’s annoying to me. We’ll see if I get banned.


  4. You’re right that I’m a fairly new member, and you’re right that there ARE plenty of negative and unfair things said about Quester there.

    Quester is a high-profile researcher, especially in the EAR world, and the internet can be a place of idle, nasty chatter usually directed at tearing someone down. I’m sure there are interesting psychological reasons for this phenomenon but they probably don’t matter because the behavior will go on regardless.

    The proboards, which I enjoy visiting, definitely have their own culture but it’s not terribly negative at all and there’s not as much “groupthink” as people imagine there is. I know that in the past things might have been different but I’m not going to hang on to something negative someone said over a year ago and I doubt Q-Man is either. On the boards, there’s definitely a lot of discussion about minutiae and there are plenty of outrageous theories but you can pick and choose what you read and discuss. And if someone doesn’t want to participate at all, that’s fine too. All types of people should have an outlet to discuss whatever they want to and the proboards are a good place for that.

    But as for any silly negative things said about Quester, unfortunately, this is just something that happens in general as someone”s profile increases. It’s unfair but it’s part of “celebrity culture”. I hope that Quester has the thick skin to deal with it because even writers and media personalities that are almost universally beloved have their share of unfair ad hominem attacks.

    And I want to reiterate that I enjoy Quester’s work and I follow it regularly. Seems like he’s done a good job of focusing on the work and ignoring detractors and I hope he continues!


  5. I’m not sure if you saw the first episode of, “Who Killed Jane Doe?” on Investigation Discovery a few night ago. It included a video of the masks apparently left behind by EAR/ONS, the masks that generated so much debate last summer regarding legitimacy. This was a short video clip, not merely still pictures. I hadn’t seen that previously. It allowed more clarity on the texture of the garment. It appeared to source from the FBI press conference because the paper bags were alongside, and also something that looked like a prominent dark sunglasses, although I didn’t get a good look at that because I was so fixated on the homemade mask.

    That clip was at roughly the 21 minute mark of the program. It was a forced segment and quite anachronistic because the 2016 FBI release was dropped into a recreation of an early ’80s investigation of a body found in the Phoenix area. The show acted as if the northern and southern California EAR activity had already been conclusively linked, and that the tag Golden State Killer was already in place. Still, that video clip was a standout.

    Regarding the topic from the comments above, Drifter is an inept moderator. One of the worst I’ve ever seen. He has no business in that role.

    I sample that board only occasionally. Every time I do, Drifter is pushing his pet theories and biases to the extreme while cautioning others that it’s supposed to be a civil discussion. What a farce. Yeah, it’s civil as long as you believe that EAR was older and not younger, and that EAR definitely was in the military because otherwise no chance someone could bicycle around in the Sacramento dark and not get apprehended, and that EAR definitely didn’t kill the Maggiores because obviously that crime was connected to drug activity at Mather.

    Drifter actually locks threads temporarily when his themes aren’t favored. If the posts are trending away from his theories he cautions those posters to go back and read material that he directs him to. Hilarious.

    The best boxing referees blend in to the point you don’t know they are there. Likewise with the best moderators and administrators. When they are petulantly dictating the threads it’s like an incompetent boxing referee who breaks or cautions the fighters every 10 seconds.


  6. Proboards has a lot of good information scattered around, but when you ask Drifter if he can and/or is reading users DM’s and he immediately bans you… It really makes you wonder what his motivation is in this case: solving it or being the center of it and gatekeeper of information. I have proboards a solid 5 months of lurking and quality thought out posts, and the second I respectfully question his respect for user privacy and I was shown the door. I also happen to mention (again politely) to Drifter that he was beating up on another poster a little too much and letting his bias against LE was get in the way of a productive discussion. Drifter of course scrubbed that post… After proboards selling itself as a place for free ideas and open discussion is false. If don’t follow the narrative that LE is the worst/corrupt or question Drifters objectiveness on LE, boom banned. If you’re reading this use questers sites, winters’ site, or Reddit; they’re all great resources without the pretension or jumping through hoops to get information.


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