Virginia’s Double Murders– 1980s and onward

Sorry I have not been too active on here, but I’ve been slammed. I have a deadline on BT II and I must get to the artwork. I have information lines out on EAR/ONS and ZODIAC that constantly must be tended, and then this windfall came my way on the Colonial Parkway Murders when a Virginia man called “the operative” went to the crime scenes and took many photos of them from all angles. At the very least, I knew I had to get up pages that dealt with the crime scenes before I forgot which photo went with what angle.

“The operative” says he can be named, but I am waiting to do so in a special blog thanking him for all his efforts. He had followed my EAR/ONS work and in gratitude decided it was time to share photos of the crime scenes with me. He had long been wanting to go visit the sites. Being a native of Virginia he was keenly interested in the crimes and had been for a long time. I had posted my interest in these cases, but lamented I doubted I could get back east this year. Fortunately, he was willing and ready to go and gave me more than 400 pics probably. The areas are now well documented for all of us, and hopefully someone can add more information later.

But there is more to Virginia’s woods than the Colonial Parkway mysteries. Virginia has had a number of double murders of youths, the last in 2009. All of them share something in common. They are in a Federal national forest or State reserve, and for the one exception it was in a wood near Gaskins on the west of Richmond, which connects direct to I-64, the highway that connects them all except one, and this one exception in 2009 was once again in a National Forest.


A cold winter view of a beautiful summer retreat. Near Blacksburg, Virginia. The double murder of two youths occurred here in august 2009.

My pages on The Phantom of Colonial Parkway on the Q-Files will incorporate the other double murders in an attempt to bring some light to the crimes. In a loose sense most of them were at lovers’ lanes. But in a very strong sense of continuity they were in wooded areas.

Lovers’ lanes murders are usually on the fringes of society. That’s where the petting spots are. The Son of Sam slayings are an exception, but those weren’t strictly lovers’ lane killings, though the victims were couples. The ZODIAC haunted the rural areas, as did the Phantom of Texarkana. My point is that both of those sets of killings were by a serial. The Colonial Parkway Murders have been linked in style, for the most part, but the Shadow Slayer or Phantom there has not receive the appropriate importance in true crime chronicles and hence the details of the crimes sadly remain obscure.  The reason: the killings are linked equally by similarities and by dissimilarities, and by long time spans in between. Initially, they are linked over a 3 year period 1986-89.

A few of the links are that 1, each was a drawn-out affair; 2, each was different in some significant way– some victims were killed by knife and rope, others by gun (the caliber of which we do not know); some it was hard to say since one couple vanished and the other were not found for 6 weeks. But each case is definitely united in how they continually show significant variations in the way the victims were killed, in how the killer entrapped them and then tried to cover up the killing location and the final resting place.

I agreed with “the operative” that the New Kent County strike is particularly revealing.

The CPK was never apprehended. He was very careful.

Two years before the CPM, two youths in a wooded area near Richmond, Virginia, 60 miles from the Colonial Parkway area, had been murdered– Mike Margaret and Donna Hall. This case have never been solved despite the local police having the blood type and DNA of the killer. He’s never been nailed in any circumstance where his DNA would be in CODIS. This is also a careful killer.

The billboard at Caldwell Fields still advertises the reward for the cowardly slaying of David Metzler and his girlfriend Heidi Childs in 2009


Now there is much confusion about why the Metzler and Childs murders took place at a parking lot in Jefferson National Forest in August 2009. It seems a random killing, but it is random following the pattern of rural areas and double murder of youths– not middle aged campers. Not two buds. Not two sisters. Not two cousins. Couples. All victims have been under 30, some well under 30, in locations where couples went.

Virginia’s double murders must be explored due to some obvious connections, at least on the face of it. Similarities and dissimilarities must be collated. Though much time spans between some of them, each seems a haunting echo of a crime series that began in the 1980s. For instance, suspicion existed in 1996 in Shenandoah National Forest when the two female victims had been found killed in a similar way to the two female victims on Colonial Parkway in 1986. That was a 10 year separation. 2009 is 13 years later, but it was another National Forest, another pointless double murder against a young couple and apparently one where only the female victims’ wallet and purse were taken, like in the CPM. These last two had been shot with a 30.30, but then one of the Colonial Parkway couples had also been shot.

Due to my interest in exploring this recent case “the operative” when to Craig’s Creek Road and took photos of the area. This will be central to my overview of the crime scene. Very little is known here, so it is best to work forward from the context of the area.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


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