The Bermuda Triangle, Me and Fate

I’ve tried to distance myself from the topic for quite some time. I found myself overwhelmed, now 18 years ago,  by media when I began to share my 9 years (at that time) of research. No one had seen such material. No one had seen research of this level devoted to a topic that not only ably resided in the “paranormal fringe” but had been debunked and fallen into history. I alone revived it, and I didn’t understand how significant that was.

I had investigated a number of topics, as I continue to do so. I had spent 4 intense years on the Triangle and then after that I was in a position to simply update and add thereto as information came in. When TV discovered me in 2000 I was amazed at the inundation. My website was unchallenged. The media would only come to me. They wouldn’t mess with my facts.

It was satisfying because I had struggled to document impassionately. I wanted to remove the concept of “paranormal” and make this a pursuit of something very tangible– missing ships and planes. Unlike UFOs, Bigfoot, or ghosts, these mysteries are not subjective. These planes and ships really existed and the people in them . . . and they are gone.

Into the Bermuda Triangle was rushed to printing by McGraw-Hill so long ago in 2003. It went into emergency printings after I appeared on Coast 2 Coast. It even got optioned for film at Paramount. But when the dust settled I went on, grateful to be tackling the other topics that sadly reside in the “paranormal” with equal vigor. One book inspired a huge NBC sponsored search and a resolution in Congress. I moved on to True Crime, and those who follow that topic know what I’ve stirred up there. I became the “real life Kolchak”  . . . but the media still came to me for the Triangle, even when I was the center of news in other topics. It grew very frustrating.

In that time information still came in on Triangle incidents, both reports of more missing and of those who had survived unusual encounters. Already in 2011 I projected I would write my much anticipated sequel. But I languished in True Crime. Finally I got to it last year.

Now 14 years after the first book the new one is at the door. It is due out late April or early May. I am expecting a lot of media upcoming in Cold Case, so I don’t know how to feel about the timing of this release. I will be all over radio and TV again, but the typecasting that the media uses will have trouble trying to deal with news announcements over something radically different like Cold Case.

I was sent the semi-final dust jacket cover yesterday for consideration. It opens this blog post. I broke my tradition and even used “I” a few times in the book, but only in the first chapter. I never refer to myself. But a couple of things had to be clarified. So I want to share a little out take here from Bermuda Triangle II. It tells you how I want the topic and my approach viewed:


In attempting to dismiss the Triangle’s mystery or at least enigma, it has also been pondered quite out loud why this present writer, who is solely responsible for bringing the subject back to life, is obsessive in never referring to himself in the first person, and why he is not more critical of the theories especially in light of the fact that his other books are noted for investigation and critical analysis. Why, for example here, would he even refer to Ivan Sanderson, an investigator of whom he has been critical? “I” will answer by saying that in this case Sanderson, no matter what his other shortcomings were, may be quite correct, as we will later find out. One simply must give the devil his due.

Of all the topics I have investigated, and about which I have written, none of them have been as complex as this one nor encompass so much. There is a difference between investigating a single event, serial killer, or quotient, and investigating hundreds of mysteries over centuries of time spread over hundreds of thousands of square miles of sea hard to personally investigate. No one attempting to educate can limit data based on personal preference. That is indoctrination and not education. Nor can anyone deprive the devil of his due. I present this subject as a reporter and commentator and not as the critic.

What I cannot solve or dismiss on evidence I must include. Personally I do not care for alien abduction theories and much of what and those who come with them. But that does not mean I can ignore Russian admirals, captains, and numerous other eyewitnesses, to such things as “flying saucers” that seem to make the Bermuda Triangle the center of their activity; nor the statements of credible witnesses, such as Simon Ludgate, whom I personally know, when he reports that at the same time the compasses of both their aircraft froze there were silver discs circling high overhead their aircraft.

The reader must decide to what extent of a role these objects, for they have certainly been seen out there, have played in the litany of missing craft.

The Bermuda Triangle is a tall and wide subject. It is not one man’s theory. It is much more than disappearances. If I can conjure an old Kodachrome image of a Flipper serial, investigators shod in Van tennis shoes facing high seas adventure but with enough mentality to appreciate the chords of ominous music when a derelict boat is found, when a pilot’s panicky voice crackles over the receiver about a weird object, of eyes that brighten with the prospects when they gaze through the kaleidoscope of dancing shallows at a cyclopean edifice, then I have served the subject well.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


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