Autumn Tides & EAR/ONS Reflections . . .

For me the wait is a gripe. I am speaking about my previous post in which I said we will most likely have to wait until Halloween for DNA results on RAP. I thought it would be at most by the end of August, but the process takes time. The labs are processing much every month, and like the coffee business it is just a grind.

But with autumn tides approaching, that time of year of somber thoughts and wistful repose, it is perhaps best that the waiting time is used for reflections. I, for one, cannot resign myself to relax. I must be ready with much more of my investigation that has never been shared. If DNA is a negative match, then I will look like the Tasmanian Devil ripping into a hedge to get at the others. This does not make the prospect of a negative match a final word for me; only the beginning of much more intense operation that I do not look forward to.

There is no one more than me who is hoping the match is positive and the case is closed. Yes, I know it brings closure to many, but I must continue on beyond that. I remain in the hunt for others, some perhaps not so popular that they are the subject of much discussion. The web has proven ZERO help in trying to uncover the locations where NORCAL Rapist struck. With one of my trifecta’s solved, I have an edge to contacting the jurisdictions and asking the street name where the attacks occurred. That’s basically what I need to start. I can also contact the newspapers and see what they know. Without a major success, it is crickets. And I want NORCAL bad.

There are those who do not want the case solved. There are those who deeply do not want me to have solved it. I have been made aware of that for a couple of years. I did not know there was such a thing as active message boards anymore where alias names behind obsolete clipart icon profile photos could garner a measure of prestige by simply discussing the case and making claims they were on a grapevine with “LE”.  I thought Myspace long ago destroyed the anonymous world of such places, and in turn Myspace had long perished to Facebook, where you had to be a real person. It is apparently in this anonymous cyber world where I am hated.

There are those who forget the web is for presentation. It is not reality. I was the first to present a detailed, real life modern investigation of EAR/ONS. This apparently upstaged those who made web discussions the reality. Like the true crime books ushered off the conveyor belts there were people who had suspects, and their interest did not go beyond wanting to prove their suspect. Others enjoy the thrill. One radio host told me that it seems some out there are like the audience in the O.J. Simpson trial. They never want the case to end.

Victims and their family, many others who have followed the case, have approached me and expressed their frustration at how EAR/ONS had little publicity until Q Files. Then suddenly EAR’s true calculating mind was revealed and he even had an appropriate handle– the real life Michael Myers. I have received such warm praise from them that it has made all the negative chat about me worth it.


For some the crime spree of EAR replays and replays like someone watching their favorite fright night movie. I was not a welcome character in the story especially if I should be like Dr. Loomis and fire the last bullet. 

Unlike ZODIAC, EAR was never the subject of several high profiled investigative websites. Cliques hid behind those alias handles and obsolete clipart icon profile pictures. From those who had followed the case since the A&E message boards I have learned it was an incredibly vicious environment. There were and are many legitimate, sincere people on the message boards. There are those who have contributed significantly to solving popular questions that have arisen. Solving the  background sounds in the telephone recording are a case in point. But the cyber nature of such a world could never be as substantive as boots on the ground investigation.

Because I am out there for real, I have encountered other, real boots on the ground investigators. Most cold case is processing. It is comparing incoming data to a few pieces of evidence distilled by the original investigators that would conclusively identify the miscreant. This is not the case here. The FBI and Air Force are instituting an impressive dragnet, the likes of which I don’t think have ever been seen. I’d like to write about it but daren’t at the time. Names that were once a staple of discussion on the topic of the investigation are long gone, replaced by new guys and new departments. They’re not getting the news coverage, but they are the real characters following the scent in Haddonfield. One such jurisdiction came to me and wanted to pursue my avenue of approach. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Perhaps there are those who troll the internet who do not like that the investigation has mounted upward and become a real life pursuit and not merely a topic for cyber discussion. They can no longer act as if they are the chosen conduit for recent events. I was directed to posts on some message board where law enforcement was being condemned because the poster believed that I was being given restricted information. It sounded like little Hotwheels collectors arguing over who got the Treasure Hunt.

Bringing attention to a case was never necessary for family members of ZODIAC’s victims or many other famous crime sprees because of their fame. But The Night Predator devolved into the night and despite the magnitude of his crime spree it was nothing compared to the magnitude of the night’s darkness. There are quite a few family members who have gone through a lot to warn Haddonfield of who was once afoot and had ravaged their families. But they really didn’t have a powerful outlet to do so. Only recently, as the case surges upward in the public conscious, have they had that ability. They have been greeted appropriately for their courage, but strangely they have met with criticism in that world of cyber based discussions.

I am very grateful that Q Files has been an integral part of the new era. I said I would make this a public case. It would be only for the web. No book. The purpose of all the details and analysis was to solve the case. Period. For many the events on the web are an end in themselves, and they cannot conceive that much of what I post on here and Q Files is only a distillation of what I encounter and must go through behind the scenes.

The bogy man was real, and this may be the most accurate sketch of his dead expression.

After a day of investigating, in one case being shaken down by a cop, of court searches, lawyer gossip, reporters giving me their calling card, film analysis after long travel hours, to get home and receive a message telling me that some user on a discussion board claims to know my real identity and that I am an alias for a private investigator in Alta Loma who wrote a book called Hot Prowl, I just have to giggle.

The number of messages I receive from, frankly, psychotics is amazing. They have EAR chasing them with a machete. He is the man next door. The man supposedly menacing them cannot simply be a creep you wouldn’t say “bug off” twice to. He has to be the supreme night stalker. These people don’t see mere leprechauns. They see King Brian himself. He is the Visalia Ransacker and he is preparing a gang a la Dickens’ Fagan to assail Visalia. Equally bizarre are the machinations of people who by virtue of incessantly discussing the topic think they are experts. Believe me, they contact me via email and always try and contextualize me downward as having done very little. One finally warned me that she was psychotic and I was to ignore her.

On the whole one gets tired of it all. The subject matter for me is not a front for a social club. I do not mix on the web. This is for presentation. I am out and about and have many other topics to tackle, some delayed because of this ghastly case.

So for me there is much anticipation. This will be an anxious autumn. But if a solution comes about near Halloween, near the night of evil Michael Myers, the real life version of which EAR/ONS has become, it will only give the case the much needed nail in the coffin it needs. And I will be very glad if I pulled the trigger.


Most of all there are those who do not want me to succeed with my prime POI because he is dead. They want EAR to be alive. They want him to be alive so he can pay for his crimes in jail. I understand. There is little satisfaction for me in succeeding. There is little sense of triumph because all my investigation distills down to putting a name on a dead man. I will have removed no threat from the street. I have spared no one harm’s way.

If I fail, many more names will be submitted, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that the wrecking angle will be pursued.

The crime spree still causes disbelief, even at an official level. No one really can fathom that the bogy man was real . . .and that he got away.  No one wants the bogy man to escape. No one wants to see this turn into folklore and be the subject of book after book on suspects and personal journeys, each sitting next to books on Jack the Ripper, the ultimate cold case hidden behind the world of folklore.

There is indeed much for us to reflect upon. And I personally am aware many are reflecting because of me. They have seen the Q Files and my investigation. This has made RAP the most anticipated person of interest yet. My investigation was not a trite presentation used only to introduce some suspect. It was a massive undertaking presented first, and eventually the POIs went up. I do not relish the wait. But the result of the investigation on him were not lightly considered nor hastily presented.

Nil desperandum.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


9 thoughts on “Autumn Tides & EAR/ONS Reflections . . .

  1. I’m sorry you get attacked, it seems like it’s happening to a few of us here lately. Anyone who thinks you wrote “Hot Prowl has never read any of your books or blogs for that matter. Your use of words is very distinct and frankly you could make a recipe for Bean Dip sounding thrilling. Your from a bi-gone era. I would like you to know that more folks especially the ones you truly care about appreciate your tireless effort and the Quester Files is the Most preeminent library not only for armchair sleuths but for Media and some Cold case detectives. It has been the top reason along with some brave family members and victims that this case has become a huge priority finally! You should be thanked and never should you feel disrespected. Many of us,are behind you and believe in your investigation. Keep your chin up!!!


  2. Hello Quester,

    I think what bothers many of the would be sleuths is what comes off as arrogance that your suspect is the only person it could be. I love your posts and how much you have uncovered on your poi, but at times you do come off self-involved which has alienated others. I do agree that most of these sleuths do not want it solved even if they say otherwise. It reminds me of the zodiac case in a way with the hostility and intrigue even though this case is light years different than the other which to me is unsolvable. Many on the pro boards are arrogant and down right rude but not all. I think one thing people forget or can easily lose sight of is how he or she may appear by mere words alone. The written or typed word is so final that it can make one look completely different in an instant than they are in real life. Many of us are oblivious to it until much later. Personally, I think you have done a lot of good and hope good things come but to be blunt your writing style at times does come off in a braggart type of way even if it is unintentional. Regardless, you are an articulate, critical thinker which is not lost with me. I’ll always be reading as others will as well, but I fully understand your predicament even if I am not in your shoes. Best of luck.


      1. I was not attacking you, but in some posts there is some bravado or can come off that way at times with how some pieces are written. I know on the boards that was often the main complaint. To me, in many ways it was jealousy out of someone doing a good investigative job. No worries and sorry for any confusion.


  3. Quester is not a bragging type. Please folks don’t confuse his cerebral words as being bravado. The man’s is a professional writer. It’s his job to keep his words enticing. I see you guys says these things about Gian on the Proboards. Why not just thank him for his efforts. I’m sure he’s lost $$ working on this case. He hasn’t written a book on Earons and Quester has a real sense if duty especially when it comes to the horrific crimes of Rape and Murder. You guys get wrapped up in other topics he investigates and then that’s where the blowback starts. I hear about “Oh well he believes in Bigfoot and other oddities. To the contrast his book “Recasting Bigfoot is an honest approach to sighting people have been having for centuries. I’ve read Mr. Questers books and he’s actually a very decent, humble, personable writer. Let’s not drive his talents away from this case.


  4. Keep up the amazing work Q. We are waiting with breathless anticipation the DNA results. It really does seem like all the pieces fit. Forget all the trolls.


  5. There are only a few that don’t want this case solved. Think of all of the victims and their families. And all of the hours you Gian have put into the case and the website. You will be a national hero if RAP is positive


  6. Not a troll by any means, but assume away. Merely pointing out why there is some hostility towards him. There are a ton of people that do not want this solved, trust me on that. A sad state of affairs but sadly true, yet they will never admit it. They may say they do but they are like the Zodiac sleuths, love a good mystery to throw their loves into and do not want the ride to end. I hope RP is the guy because he makes the most sense barring his age out of anyone I have heard come up. Sorry again, if I came off as attacking when was merely playing devil’s advocate in explaining why some are not your biggest fan. In all honesty, many on the boards while intelligent are often rather delusional and jaded being why I cut ties from the negativity. Fingers crossed and best of luck.


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