Antifa Medium . . .

This is perhaps a post that will be understood only by dedicated students of the Manson Family. It is not a political post. I’m not going to touch on politics really.  I’m writing about the “antiestablishment”  movement of the 21st century. Just like the original counterculture of the 1960s, it has created a medium in which certain things grow. Let’s make some comparisons, since they may relate to true crime.

When the Great Recession hit, thousands of kids got tossed from their homes by repo. They are about 10 years older now.  Their impression of the elder generation is not a very good one. They saw bankers who couldn’t balance their bottom line, politicians who paved the way for the housing crisis, and parents who didn’t even know how to take out a loan on a house properly. There is little reason for them to have respect for their elders, on these grounds. Then there is constant Middle East wars that never end.

Their education has not been impressive. They’ve grown up in a world where they learn vocabulary’s meaning from seeing people’s reactions, and these reactions are frequently guided by the Me Tarzan, You Jane equations of social media.

Within this generation there are the radicals.

The original antiestablishment movement bred radicals too, but the first heretics where the Manson Family. They were a gang of criminals with cult-like devotion to their exclusive self important unction to save the remnant of mankind.

Anybody who has seen the 1973 documentary Manson will immediately be struck by the strange simplicity and yet Hollywood superficiality of the Manson Family. They were performers and radicals, egoists hiding behind the claim they were going to save “the little ones” from the upcoming Helter Skelter. They lived simple lives (on a movie ranch, though) but had all the flamboyance of rock wannabes. Gang-like killings and revenge killings went part and parcel with their agenda.

For the “now,” for the 21st century, Antifa are the radicals. They are not the heretics.

Check out the mugshots of the members of Antifa who were arrested for beating people in Berkeley. Though they are merely radicals, what you see there is only the tip of the iceberg. Most are well groomed and arrogant, expecting whites, some with very fashionable butch haircuts, berets and punk/funk glasses.


Others, however, put on black, tight masks, hoods, carried shields and baseball bats and protected their knees and elbows with sportsgear. They looked like some evil cartoon avengers.

These are the radicals. But who will be the heretics?

It takes more guts to prepare for street gang and thug warfare than it does to plant bombs, arrange murders, and fester with evil plans in freight elevators, and prepare to raid gun stores to get their goods.

The Manson Family did just that, all for Charlie, all to help a member of their “family.” The heretics need a focal point. They need stifling moral superiority.

Some 50 years later a far worst medium is developing in which such heretics thrive, and soon they will conglomerate. The worst of the worst will then plot together. The most self-righteous, the most hateful.

Three of Manson’s followers preparing for Armageddon.

What should we expect the future to bring? The “first” Berkeley riots were in 1964, were they not? Within 5 years we were at the pinnacle of the counterculture. Following that we had the lawless, dystopic 1970s and the Zebra Killings, then the Symbionese Liberation Army– chic urban guerillas robbing banks at gunpoint in the name of liberation and kidnapping heiresses.

A new type of Manson Family is brewing. Only the medium out of which it will come is not one that started with “love.” All students of the original antiestablishment movement should start making comparisons. One thing all can deduce fairly easily– the heretics of this movement, already steeped in violence, will be much worse and far more political than The “Family.”

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


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