Canvassing EAR/ONS

I have spent untold man hours canvassing the streets and cross streets where EAR had struck in Sacramento’s area. The purpose was to establish the occupation of all occupants at the time of an attack, plus identify the homes that were vacant. This had brought to light a fascinating pattern, one which I feel reveals how EAR/ONS stalked a neighborhood. I have never been able to show the results of this because in my graphs I must identify the victim’s house. I suppose I can do it without naming the streets and Victim Number and thus very few can deduce which case is involved. But for now I have not shared the information.


Nevertheless, some things can be shared. There is almost always a teacher, perhaps more than one, on a block where EAR struck. In the case of Thornwood, there were 4 teachers and a principle. There is almost always someone with the Air Force, active or retired. There is usually a government employee or more than one. There is often a connection with Aerojet. This is all to be expected. Aerojet is a huge employer. There were 2 huge Air Force fields up here, so the majority of military around here is always Air Force. This is the capital of the most populated State, so government employees are everywhere.

EAR could do and undoubtedly did what I have done, the only difference is mine has been historical and in retrospect. He could easily check the street index and see what houses were vacant, even sometimes know those that were under construction. There is always a vacant house on a street. Thus he could drive by and mark out the house for use as a base. Often, a vacant house indicates that it will be for sale when one comes driving by. Perhaps a For Rent sign will be out. A few times it might just have been sold but still vacant. He branches out from there. On a few occasions, I dare say, the house was already occupied (sold or rented) when he arrived to case it out. He left it alone as a base, but if the occupant was to his liking– he’d attack.

The allusion is set up that he knows real estate operations when, in reality, he need have no connections whatsoever. He merely checked the directory and first prowled the vacant homes. If empty, they were a base. If just occupied, the new owners or renter were viable targets. Either way, the appearance indicates he knew real estate operations.  But it is only appearance. Days, weeks of investigation wasted on trying to find a real estate connection.


He was too shrewd to ever be seen. He didn’t knock on doors and pretend to be agents. He had no need. He just needed the same references I can still use.

This method was especially revealed in the Casilada Way attack. The house across from the victim was vacant, and the house behind where she babysat down the street was vacant. Her home had been receiving the hang-up calls.  They had experienced all the signs EAR had been watching them. Yet she is attacked at the neighbors at the other end of the block. How did EAR know? She was called last minute to sit the kid. I suspect EAR was across the street, in the vacant house, or in its yard, watching. He saw her walk down the street and must have come out far enough to see where she went.

Every phone number was at his disposal for everyone on each block in town. I wonder if he even used the phone of the vacant homes to make some of his hang up calls, especially the rentals where the phone line was still in commission. He carried a satchel with him on occasion. Did he sometimes have a phone in there he could plug into the jack? The calls couldn’t be traced to him. It is something to be considered. More than luck made EAR such a success. It took simple cross referencing and lots of dedication to bring it about, and he seems to have spent a lot of time prowling.

As the process of elimination continues, it is becoming evident that a new portrait of EAR/ONS can be drawn from the details. The requirements of his actual movements on a block fall into place, the man hours it required, the time it required, and the ability to do it. Those who insisted EAR was much older may have been the best witnesses.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


One thought on “Canvassing EAR/ONS

  1. “Did he sometimes have a phone in there he could plug into the jack?”

    In fact, 1976 was the year the now familiar RJ11 modular phone jack started appearing on consumer equipment. If he wanted to plug into existing wiring — well, some existing phones were pluggable, using the 505 or 505A jack, and others were hard-wired. (You didn’t own your phone anyway. You leased it from the company. At most you owned its housing. So hard-wiring wasn’t as crazy as it now seems.)

    I don’t know if they would have left the hard-wired phones in place between owners; it’s a little before my time. Between renters, surely. Probably between owners too. Though if not, he would have needed more than just a pluggable consumer phone in order to connect. He would have needed a lineman’s set.


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