EAR/ONS– A Careful Phantom’s One Mistake

As you gathered from my last EAR post, the potential has only begun to be tapped regarding investigating EAR/ONS. Yet I hear this doom and gloom. It is based on a poor comparison— EAR/ONS will go the same way as the other crime cases where there was an upsurge in publicity but no tangible results. Rubbish! We know who he is not. We are closer to knowing who he is.

Several jurisdictions work various angles. This is perfect. You all know my angle– auto wrecking, use car sales, parts deliveries. Three POIs thrown to the wolves within this network. Two were in their late teens; one in his 30s.

I’m not limiting myself to this network. If I come upon an interesting trail that intersects, I’ll follow it. But on the whole, I must follow my general hypothesis. It would seem a variety of old cars were at EAR’s disposal.

I am one of those who truly believes that EAR was never clearly seen and therefore the clues and his pattern must draw his image. It isn’t a physical description. It is one of opportunity and ability. Taken together, we can deduce EAR was incredibly shrewd. This dominates the senses: he intended to remain a faceless predator.

Of the times he was seen, in some way or another, only a couple of sketches are thinly based on what the witnesses saw. Many young men were reported before-the-fact in a neighborhood, but this was the 1970s and it could have been for many reasons. None of them may have been EAR.

The only in situ image of EAR.


We have no certainty of EAR’s age, hair color, or height. Think about that. More than a few of the victims believed that in a fair fight they could take him out. He was pretty small.

As I posted before, I swing within a wide spectrum. The idea of a very young EAR comes from the witness descriptions of those youths seen in the neighborhoods. Blonde hair, blue eyes, are described by a few. Some victims felt he was young. But up close, many reported older: dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and upwards of 30 was reported.

Who was right? The victims saw a dark form and a ski mask hidden behind the splatter of a flashlight beam. Few could reliably estimate his height. Did the neighbors have an edge when they saw someone during the day? Yet did EAR ever work a neighborhood during the day? I have my doubts. He may have driven it. An old parked car at night may have been his. But the license plate was bogus.  His hang-up calls reinforce upon us a man who wanted to remain distant and completely faceless. Such a man doesn’t go up and ring your doorbell during the day. This kind prowls at night.

There was no way to bring a rapist to book with DNA back then. You had to catch him in the act basically. EAR’s entire MO reflects this knowledge. He took great care to assail a neighborhood and to secretly escape at night. Yet he may have been slightly careless with the repetitive use of old cars and bogus license plates. Police suspicion of a used car sales and auto-wrecking profession couldn’t even single him out above others in the profession. It was a large pool and he was one small fish. No one had seen him. Back then, at least. Hence I follow this lead today. It’s his one mistake.

EAR was careful. But he was careful within the context of the times.

Thus, once again, I follow my hypothesis. I’ll go after anyone in the pool I fish that was between 16 and 35 at the time. EAR could never foresee DNA. His entire tactical assault was based on believing once he was free of the neighborhood he was safe.  He didn’t realize his pattern could be followed and that DNA wouldn’t require that his face had ever clearly been seen.

After 40 years, small clues aren’t going to go anywhere. But the pattern reflects the larger picture. He can fake clues, but he cannot fake a pattern. The pattern reflects his ability and his opportunity to commit his crimes. With DNA science today, none of his appearance 40 years ago even matters. What is necessary is to fish in the right pool. Eventually, DNA will draw him out.

*         *          *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


3 thoughts on “EAR/ONS– A Careful Phantom’s One Mistake

  1. Q. The most reliable sketch in my opinion was the art student witness who saw the killer in the Maggiore murders, he made a drawing.

    Where is that drawing? Is it the most common sketch from the Maggiore case, the one the FBI released? What composite would the art student pick is the closest to who he saw.

    Can you answer that?


  2. I have been a fan for a few years. Let the clues take you to him. I have to keep reminding myself. I was thinking that from the beginning the EAR used old cars and in October 1976 a EAR suspect was seen driving a car with a tag that read ‘TOR-505.’

    That vehicle turned out to be registered to a young man who had committed suicide in February 1976 while in police custody. You mentioned that one must fish from the right pool to catch him. I’m wondering if this young man’s mother had a brother or other male relative being that her maiden name was the same last name as your RP suspect whom has been eliminated? You could have had the last name right but from the wrong pool. This is just a suggestion and I could be way off here but you have the ability and resources to look into these things. I am appreciative of all of your hard work on this case thusfar.


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