EAR/ONS and The Love of the Game

A magazine cover is on display today headlining with the ghoulish title “raised by a serial killer.” It is meant to cause that visceral reaction– people are to shudder and their scalps to tingle. A Hannibal Lecter raised a child. It seems in the popular press that serial killers have a definite stereotype and one with a kid is cause for alarm.

As you all know, I’m not a fan or follower of the True Crime genre. I find nothing interesting in it. And sometimes that’s been part of my problem with some who are quite loud about some famous cases I am investigating– ZODIAC but especially EAR/ONS. The latter has yet to evolve into a cutout narrative. It is on its way and many in the audience are hungry for new installments in the budding franchise, and many by virtue of chatting about it think they are a force in its solution. I personally want the case closed. A recent post of mine on “Things to consider” was one of my most popular. In this post I offered avenues we must take if the auto wrecking angle plays itself out. The idea that the case will go on and on along a road with never ending forks in it delighted so many.

But back to the magazine cover– I have studied enough true crime cases in my long pursuit to see the common thread in those cases that go unsolved the longest. Almost anybody can see. The perps represent the exception.  Bundy was handsome and educated. Green River Killer was head of his own bible study group. Gacy was a respected  man in business and a precinct captain in the Democratic Party. BTK was the dog catcher and a part of his church council. All of them were the exception, though Green River Killer was on the original suspect list.

I have stated repeatedly we are dealing with that in the case of EAR/ONS. Almost everybody who follows ZODIAC believes the same applies there. But instead of tempering themselves with the accumulated knowledge in the field they opted to buy into the legend that he was some towering evil arch villain. There is a difference between intelligence and ingenuity, and the latter is a poor substitute for the former.

Those old cold cases eventually solved represent exceptions to OUR stereotype of the dreg unleashed because we continue to have that stereotype rehashed in the public forum. The fact is there was something quite stereotypically odd about all the perps. It was their station in life that protected them.  Bundy was strange, even in high school. A cousin of a friend of mine went to school with him and he even left her a “semi creepy” message in the yearbook. The Green River Killer was suspicious enough to be on the original suspect list. Evidence was hard to get against them because their MO worked, but they weren’t your basic stalwart citizen.

None of them were particularly intelligent. They displayed enough ingenuity to pull off their thrill. When they fell into an MO that worked, they stuck to it. This is not intelligence. This displays a utilitarian zeal and blind-sighting expedience.

Gacy went un-apprehended for so long because he foolishly buried his victims under the floorboards of his own house. Chicago police had only a vague sense of missing migratory young guys. When he ran out of room and started dumping them in the woods– the usual disposal method of serial killers— Chicago started the hunt and began to narrow down the common threads in the victims. It really wasn’t very intelligent of Gacy to have ever buried victims under his house. It was expedient. Nothing more. It caught up to him.

The same can be said for BTK. He foolishly believed the police when he asked them if they could backwork a CD. They said no. He sent them a CD. They found his computer via this and went and scooped him up.

Bundy was a maniac with little unique MO. He was simply unsuspected. This emboldened him to go on a rampage. He was hunted down with everything but wild dogs like in Frankenstein.

None were truly successful or intelligent in any meaning of those words.

EAR/ONS . . .

The Night Predator has outdone them all. He never went on a rampage. He never got so self confident that he let loose like that. He was forgotten because most of his crimes weren’t murder. When he turned murderer he displayed far more caution, not rampage.

But I do not think EAR was particularly intelligent. He was shrewd insofar as it served his thrill. He may not be the quintessential dreg, but he was unsuspected. But like the others he was lulled into leaving clue after clue because his MO worked. He didn’t change it because it worked and he couldn’t foresee that eventually it would deadeye him, just like Gacy could never accept that he would run out of room under his floorboards and have a house that was the biggest witness against him.

EAR could not foresee that enough clues would amass that would eventually make auto-wrecking like Gacy’s house for him. This is why I continue to pursue this angle relentlessly. I have the scent and no hound let’s go of the scent once he has it. I don’t think this case will go on and on. I know my angle has captured some official investigators.

On my part we wait on the results of 2 more POIs. How many other potential POIs are being tracked (some I know were already on my list) by other investigators I do not know. If one of my POIs is EAR we should hear in Spring. If not, I feel it will still be this year.

The process of elimination continues. I will try and keep the reader updated as much as possible. The game will not go on. It will end.

*         *        *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


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  1. Excellent write up Q. I,m sure I’m not alone when I hope it will be this year as well. It seems the snowballing publicity is gaining more momentum every month.

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