Phantom Family– EAR/ONS in the Gene Pool

Many have approached me, justly venting their frustration why no familial DNA profile has been done for EAR/ONS. It has always been presented to me as the shortcut to solving the Night Predator’s identity. This frustration has turned slightly conspiracy theory in light a public statement years ago (2011) in a Dork Forest podcast by one journalist who said there was an ethnic DNA profile for EAR. An ethnic DNA profile for EAR/ONS can easily be uploaded to all the databanks and show cousins, even 4th to 6th cousins, at least for those who have also had their DNA profile done.  There is a high probability, good probability, etc., rating for the relationships.

One of my cousin’s daughters recently did that and got her results. She showed me. I was surprised to see the links the ancestry databank made. In the 1st to 2nd cousins category I recognized all the names. There were two first cousins of mine (both of whom are in trouble for not telling me they had done this a long time ago) and the fourth name I recognized as one of these cousins’ daughter.  So, in essence, the relationship was determined perfectly. My cousin’s daughter who showed me her results was, in fact, the first cousin once removed of two of the names and the 2nd cousin to the other. In the 4th to 6th cousin category I recognized 2 more names by surname.

Geographically it was able to place my cousin’s daughter’s heritage during the right time spans in the Volga German colonies. My mother’s family (and hence my cousin’s family) was very prominent in the region. My Italian and Swiss ancestor went up to govern the land for Catherine the Great in 1786 and in 1787 wrote a book about his wanderings. He basically turned the Volga German colonies into a mirror of the Grisons, and with his family connections sustained the colony. In 1788 he had many prayer books shipped from Pressburg to be distributed throughout, and one copy is still in my possession with my grandmother’s entries in it. I was amazed to see how much my cousin’s daughter scored in percentage of Italian. I think we’re a bit inbred.

My point being is that DNA can really come down to some interesting nitty gritty, if you have the elements that allow you to interpret it.

Since there is Crime Scene DNA from EAR, we have his DNA. So why no profile? It would give us his relatives and this would narrow the field considerably. It wouldn’t be long to trace some and uncover his identity.

We have to deduce a couple of things. From my personal experience, there is no indication the task force operates under any prejudice that there is ethnic DNA for EAR. They do have DNA that proves certain physical features, and this remains restricted in order to prioritize tips. Had they an ethnic DNA panel, they could indeed upload it and find his family relations. And since they have his DNA, we must assume they would have done this years ago.

So what must we deduce: Well,

1, all the DNA was used to link the crimes and then identify crucial features.  Therefore there is no ethnic DNA profile.

2, they did do this and it turns out EAR/ONS is a phantom even in the human gene pool.

3, there is some legal restriction preventing them from uploading the DNA to an ancestry database.

The readouts I’ve seen divide people by groups of DNA profiles– Europe West, Europe East, Iberian, Europe South (Italy/Greece), Scandinavia, Asia South, Middle East, European Jewish, British, North Africa, etc. You get the idea.  A lot of Brits will carry the Iberian trace gene because the ancient Iberian Celts were thought to have colonized Britain. Europe West and Scandinavia are invariably linked with Germans, and lots of people get these hits.

My cousin’s daughter’s mother’s family is big time Bruce of Elgin, and they were stunned to see they were still essentially Norman and not Scottish. That was essentially a trace element.

I haven’t found a break-up of DNA that says “English-German.”

Of the 3 POIs that I have submitted for testing, it is unquestionable that the one with a French surname really excited some interest, though his heritage had lots of British names. His ethnic DNA would no doubt reveal Europe West, with the subcategory of French or Swiss, just as mine might show a heavy link to the Volga, Switzerland and Italy.

I also know that another investigator suspected someone with some heavy duty Italian heritage. When it comes down to it, an ethnic profile doesn’t seem to influence the official investigators. At least not the rumor of “English German.” There’s an awful lot of those.

Apparently, such an ethnic profile only influenced some amateurs who were trying to rule out some people’s POIs via pedigrees. I’ve already addressed that in a previous post.

We have to consider that EAR is a phantom in the gene pool. None of his close or even distant relatives have had their DNA profile taken and uploaded. For close relatives this is possible. But considering that 574 potential relations came back for my cousin’s profile, I would imagine that some 4th cousin could be identified. That’s a starting point at least.

We have one undeniable fact. EAR is not yet officially identified. This and experience tells me that ethnic DNA probably doesn’t exist or that it is so general that it really doesn’t help. Surnames don’t always indicate ethnicity. If there is a familial profile it has gone nowhere.

*         *        *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


2 thoughts on “Phantom Family– EAR/ONS in the Gene Pool

  1. That’s interesting. So it seems he escaped every way to identify him. I’ve seen discussion that he ceased his reign of terror after DNA was introduced in the legal arena.

    I need to turn my kit into ancestry. It’s been sitting here unopened for a year. I gave my daughter one. Maybe someone gave him one as a gift too and they’ll bug him about doing it, unbeknownst to them that he’s one of the most wanted serial killers of all time.


  2. Could the reason they have not submitted a sample be as simple as, the kits utilise a saliva sample, whilst the sample they have is semen or touch DNA, and this prevents them from covertly submitting the sample as if a civilian customer?


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