EAR-ONS — the Final Solution or Final Irony

I urge everybody to be restraint right now and await the news conference. Irony right now fills my senses. Back in March I had refused to travel to LA to do two film shoots because I was aware the case was soon to be broken and I didn’t know if it was based on my dossiers.  I was, however, not informed if the culprit was my Prime POI (born 1942) or a link from him. I chatted with a podcast host in March as well, expressing my joy it has to be my guy.

As it turns out, the man arrested is not my guy and the link to auto wrecking and plate lifting is (so far) thin to one of my POI auto wrecking families (Italian) in Del Dayo.

It is also ironic that yesterday I had a phone conversation with Wesley in which both of us agreed that the VR connection is rubbish unless we ditch the McGowen sighting altogether– a view I must admit many have expressed. Clearly, all were right.

Most everybody had long shifted views that EAR was much older than all those blond youth sketches and actually had dark, short hair.

But let’s don’t jump the gun because of the arrest. Let’s wait and see. . .

Many are stunned, including law enforcement, at the arrest of former cop Joseph James Deangelo on a warrant from Ventura County, supposedly on a 100% DNA match with EAR.


*         *        *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.



2 thoughts on “EAR-ONS — the Final Solution or Final Irony

  1. Q, how is the EAR/ VR connection rubbish, if James DeAngelo was a police officer in nearby Exeter from 1973-1976? I am not following your logic.


  2. What he is referring to is a large bit of the original information has been rewritten or curbed a bit to fit that of EAR. Many early on thought there was no connection over those that were trying to fit it. On the HLN special the body description went way down, to match EAR when everyone knew by description VR was fat and way over 160, This happens in cold and old cases. Similarities, sure, smoking gun not so much.


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