EAR-ONS– We See the Face of Evil. . . Thanks to the Following



“James DeAngelo Jr. believes that without law and order there can be no government and without a democratic government there can be no freedom. Law enforcement is his career, he says, and his job is serving the community.”


I have been sent many nice thank yous for my contribution to the case, included among these are thank yous from official investigators.

As a man who understands the countless hours put into a case such as this, and not to mention mental hours thinking and rethinking, honing, pursuing, etc. I would like to issue my own thank you to those who pursued EAR doggedly. I’ve been involved since 2011 and I know the significance these people have in the case. They did not wait for tips. They pounded the pavement in person and intellectually through the records, looking for every clue, pursuing every lead.

First and foremost, Contra Costa County sheriff Lt (rt) Larry Crompton. Nobody has done more than he to get this case organized and in the public arena.  He is Dr. Loomis to this real life Michael Myers. Some may not have liked that he dramatized Sudden Terror, but he kept the case details real and the dialog as well. Without his tome, no one could truly appreciate the impact of EAR-ONS.

Secondly, Lt. (rt) Richard Shelby. Sacramento Co. sheriff detective and an original investigator. He reentered the fray to bring more concise details to the case with his own tome Hunting a Psychopath. He frequently came back into the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department to discuss the case with active investigators and offer his services. I know he continued on his own to investigate leads.

Active investigators in Orange County— Supervisor Roy Ellison, DNA specialist Paul LaCommare, and Erika Hutchcraft. The first two names may not be that familiar to you, but Erika Hutchcraft’s name got out there and as a result she more than any other had to deal with the denigrating emails that so many know-it-alls have sent a number of the investigators. OC kept the flame alive the strongest and was crucial in getting the Night Stalker linked in other jurisdictions because last, but not least, Lt. Larry Poole wouldn’t let go of the case.

Paul Holes, Contra Costa Co. criminalist listened to Larry Crompton and pursued the link with the East Area Rapist DNA and with the southern California jurisdictions. Without him, the overwhelming evil that was EAR would not have been known. He labored extensively on his own POIs and in following his own theories and leads.

Sacramento Co. Sheriff detective Ken Clark and all his partners, who spent thousands and thousands of hours looking for any leads in old records and in tracking down every 40 year old POI report they had, every modern tip they got, and doing all this while still handling a full plate of homicide cases. He was the first official investigator to contact me regarding my own personal investigation. He called me “Watson,” which I think was meant to keep me humble; meaning that I might inadvertently have a good idea though perhaps completely unaware of its significance.

Detective Joe Evans in Ventura Co. Cold Case, who was the first detective I spoke to about a POI.

There are many others who over 10 years ago started to get the word out to bring attention to this forgotten case. Some of their names may be forgotten, so let me remind you of one: Robert Neville, who had the longest running website on EAR and devoted lots of effort to presenting information when this case was still in its primordial state. Another is J.J. McGregor who organized and presented as much of the original newspaper information as possible, and who journeyed to many of the crime scenes and tried to bring clarity to their locations when there was very little to go on except cross street information.

Of the victims’ family, there is none to equal the work of Michelle Cruz, Debbie Domingo, and the Harrington family.

And the many dozens, even those who perhaps didn’t care for me, who discussed the case and web sleuthed it. All wanted to help, all wanted to help solve it, and I think so many now realize that there was very little reliable information on EAR-ONS in the public forum. They may feel the irony a bit more than others. They spent thousands of hours researching, writing, contemplating, based on what is now evident to have been inaccurate data and bad sketches. Yet none of their efforts should be written off lightly. They spent this time out of their lives, emotionally and physically, sincerely trying to contribute to bringing this guy to book. None was wasted, and all should feel proud of their efforts.

*         *        *

Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.


2 thoughts on “EAR-ONS– We See the Face of Evil. . . Thanks to the Following

  1. Gian, I have always considered your site the go-to reference for a methodical and detailed breakdown of EAR/ONS crimes, and I think your work with the geography involved was invaluable. Thank you so much for your dedication to this case!

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  2. I have to admit that I am starting to see a resemblance between the Ripon Court Shooter composite, and this Navy photo of JJD. Maybe he wore a wig?


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