HorrorScope Update– The Zodiac Killer

Sorry about lack of updates on this project. There were a number of reasons to delay.  Handwriting with brief moments of hand printing in between technically made the match between my suspect and the ‘Zodiac’ Killer.  However, because the lettering was of a later date, there was reason to balk. I wanted an incontrovertible  link (short of DNA) from his printing contemporary with the crimes (1960s). A source had opened up over a year ago, but it is slow getting these old records.

This last point alone is what has delayed HorrorScope‘s publication. Everything else is in place.

My recent shock over the antics involved in the EAR-ONS case has underscored the need for intellectual property rights attorneys, libel attorneys, and specialty publicists. Needless to say this bears on delays.

In short, it is a nightmare of ancillary things rather than putting in place the tome. It is finished. The suspect is identified therein. To protect his family, I was going to use his birth surname. (He was later adopted by one of his mother’s string of husbands.) But with securing better hand printing examples I will name him under his legal name, the one he used for the majority of his life.

*         *        *

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