The Hunt for NORCAL Rapist– Step by Step

It was my desire to upload the NorCal Rapist section of Quester Files all at once, at the end of my initial investigation. However, I will have to do so incrementally as information unfolds.

From phone calls, emails, snail mail, I have been able to deduce that nobody has officially worked the case for over a decade. More than one person at Martinez Police, though polite, were adamant that the Halloween case 1996 was not their case. They had never heard of it. I sohuld contact the sheriffs. Soon, however, I got a call back confirming they had found the case file in their records. They refused to confirm, even the basics that are usually contained in newspaper accounts or on America’s Most Wanted.  The Martinez Gazette could find nothing, and I still need to wade through the archives of the Vallejo Times Herald to see if they did an article on it in 1996.

Of course, the basics of the street name, time, date, are standard items in the newspapers for when a crime is committed, and that is all that was requested. Newspaper accounts have related the street name in Chico, plus the time of the attack there in July 1997, but the date was absent and I still wait on that date to be confirmed. News reported on the Sacramento and Rohnert Park cases as well, so there is enough information to begin there.

I must also check to see if Vallejo Times Herald did an article on the February 1992 strike in Vallejo. According to Police Records, everything from that era was purged.

I also requested the case numbers so that I could check with the District Attorney’s Office about which cases were still active. After my site goes up, I need to forward any information that comes in to the jurisdiction that can still legally prosecute.  Some refused to give the case number though it is only a reference number which the DA’s Office would need to check if the complaint was filed with them.


Solano County DA’s office was skeptical that DNA was filed against in the Vallejo case. I could not check with Contra Costa County since Martinez Police would not qualify anything, but I would suspect that the DNA was filed against.  Davis refused to give the case numbers, so it is impossible to check with the DA in Yolo County. Sacramento filed against the DNA, so I am told, but (when I called) the man on the phone never heard of the case and suggested I email the DA office’s general email, which allows anybody there to answer. None did.

Geoprofiling will begin with those cases where enough information exists. Those that will be first are Rohnert Park. News cameras went out with the victim and it was easy to identify the condo complex as the 1300 block of Parkway Drive. Chico will be next– it occurred on West Sacramento Ave. Sacramento’s strike occurred on Ivycrest– it was reported in the news at the time and TV news cameras followed the events so that it is easy to identify the actual house. I do not identify homes publicly, so that information will be withheld.

Circumstances can always be qualified, but the privacy of the individual cannot be compromised. Anything of such a nature that compromises the identity of the victim I do not share.

I will be working press contacts, etc, to get enough information to put this case on the radar where it belongs.  As the cases go up and gain notoriety more information will hopefully come in that will allow the dossier on this villain to be completed.

Please see previous posts on NorCal Rapist to get an idea of what this home invasion rapist and terrorist was like.

Vital information includes the street name of the attack, confirmation of the dates for Chico, Woodland, and Vallejo, and for Davis the street where the bank was located where NorCal was photo’d by the ATM camera when he drained the victim’s account on January 25, 1997.

A decade ago there was once a Myspace page on the crimes which has vanished. The information came from several of the victims. Hopefully, some of that information can eventually be found.

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