Murder Said Easy- The ZODIAC Killer– HORRORSCOPE

Since there have been delays in HorrorScope, I’m serializing some parts of it here to give everybody a taste. This is an outtake from chapter 4: Murder Said Easy. After recreating the events at Blue Rock Springs . . .

HorrorScope Copyright Gian J. Quasar


Every sound in a morgue seems final. Every echo seems to lead to an empty vault. The bland, swinging doors close and the echo leads nowhere. The walls are some faded pale green. It is supposed to be anodyne, but the antiseptic aura of a morgue is a utilitarian one. It is not like a hospital, where the purpose is toward preventing death. Everything in a morgue is utilitarian toward disposal. The surgical tables are stainless steel, cold but clean. All the hardware is stainless steel. Lights on overhead elbow joints lend no warmth— the cold steel simply sparkles. Life is gone. Utilitarian, sterile function takes the beat.
Bodies lie under sanitary sheets of that ugly pale green. A little tag is wrapped round the big toe of the cadaver. It is not even a body now. A shell. The shell is to be processed. It is pushed along on what look like large stainless steel dinner dollies. There to the morgue table they go; a squeak of the wheels, a heft onto the table. Underneath are the channels and the drains for the flow of blood and bodily fluids. Men in masks lean over and logistically “hmmm” before they start with the scalpel.
Such was now the end of vivacious Dee Ferrin.

Before Dr. S. Shirai could even do the coroner’s job he had to play detective and measure the bullet entry and exit wounds to get an idea of trajectory. This could be done fairly easily because of the 17 holes in Ferrin there were 9 entry wounds and 7 exit wounds. The angle between them was very apparent. As he finished, he dictated the following into a microphone:

General: Well developed, well nourished, fully built. Scalp hair is light brown, but dark towards the roots. Irides are blue; pupils equal at 0.5cm. Both eyelashes are false. Rigor mortis is 4 plus. Body is embalmed.

Wounds: There are nine bullet wounds of entry, seven exit wounds, and two bullets recovered from the body, internally. Right arm shows two entry wounds; one at five and one half inches above elbow on right lateral side, going through and fracturing the humeral shaft and exiting anteriorly and medially at one and one quarter distal to elbow. The other is behind forearm, three and one half inches above the wrist, chafing the skin from right to left. Left arm shows two entry wounds; one is medially located in upper arm at three and one quarter inches above the elbow and exiting the opposite side. The other is medially on the forearm located two inches above the wrist, going through and fracturing the radial and ulnar bones, and exiting above and laterally at three inches above wrist.

There are five entry wounds on the right half of the back, mainly on the posterior thoracic cage. From down upward, the first is located half an inch right of T-12, through posterior margin of T-12, the liver, stomach, and exiting through left rib number eight, laterally, on left mid-axillary liner. The second is located three and one quarter inches right of T-10, through posterior margin of T-1- and T-11, the liver, spleen, and bullet is recovered medial margin of left rib number nine. The third is located seven and a half inches to the right of T-7, about posterior axillary line, through the right lung, lacerating posterior-apical area of left ventricle of heart, the left lung, and exiting through the left rib number 7 laterally about the mid-axillary line. The fourth is located two and one quarter inches to the right of T-4, through 4th rib, the right lung, the anterior shaft of right second rib, where the bullet is recovered in subcutaneous tissue here. The fifth is located back of the right shoulder, through the soft tissues, the subcutaneous tissues of the anterior chest wall, and chafing the anterior margin of the sternum at level of 4th rib, and exiting to the left side of left breast, slightly above the level of nipple.

No scalp injuries or skull fractures.

The heart, both lungs are within normal limits, except for hemorrhages around the course of the bullets. The GI tract (track), appendix, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus (not pregnant) are within normal. The stomach is filled with undigested foods. The bladder is filled with clear amber urine. There are no tumors or abnormalities of the organs. The thyroid and adrenal glands are not remarkable.

There are bloody fluid in the thoracic cavity (200cc. each) and abdominal cavity (300cc.).

Dr. Shirai wrote the obvious conclusion under Immediate Cause of Death: “Multiple bullet wounds to chest and abdominal organs.” The attendant finished up and the body was rolled slowly into the cold refrigerator unit and the box door shut.

Hospital rooms are about as humorless as the morgue. The ICU room is painted warmer colors, but the atmosphere of tragedy keeps anyone from embracing it; that terrible limbo that does not exist in a morgue. Here people are fighting to survive, their loved ones praying desperately for them. Despite how intense the battle is, the only movement in such a ward is glowing green lines on dark screens. They beep up and down or shrill a terrible, frantic warning.
I.V. bottles and tubes hung about Sgt. Ed Rust as he sat next to Mike Mageau’s bed. The 19 year old was pale. The drip of blood from the bottle to the tube was the only thing maintaining any color in him. Half of his face was covered in a bandage, sealing the bullet hole in his neck. The blood had been cleaned out of his mouth. His bloodstained clothes had been taken for photographing as evidence. He lay here now covered, stitched, heavily drugged, the residue of what was to have been a late night fun time on the glorious 4th of July.

Ed Rust’s voice is the only thing that disturbed the rhythm of the electronic beeps on the monitors. Dr. Scott said he could have a short time to talk to Mike. The purpose was obvious: “State the facts.”

Mike repeated as best he could the day’s events and how they came to be at the parking lot. He recounted how the car had pulled up earlier and sat next to them on Dee’s side for about a minute. He qualified that Dee was popular, and how when he asked if she knew this driver she just replied “Oh never mind.” Then the car pulled out. Mike now told Rust:

A white man drove up in a car, got out, walked up, shined flashlite [sic] inside and started shooting. Man was older than me, window was down. After stop shooting I got out of car. I tried to get people to come over but they drove off. After finally 10 minutes, the Policeman came.

Continued later . . . .

* * *
Since 1990 Gian J. Quasar has investigated a broad range of mysterious subjects, from strange disappearances to serial murders, earning in that time the unique distinction of being likened to “the real life Kolchak.” However, he is much more at home with being called The Quester or Q Man. “He’s bloody eccentric, an historian with no qualifications who sticks his nose into affairs and gets results.” He is the author of several books, one of which inspired a Resolution in Congress.

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