UFOs vs Flying Saucers: the shocking truth

It is a subject matter I don’t discuss much. It is a complex subject in which one must divide between bone and marrow. The marrow of it is FLYING SAUCERS; the bone is UFOs.

Explicitly put: UFOs are ours; Flying saucers are up for debate.

An example of the latest mainstream news report follows: Pentagon UFO Film

When you understand the origins of certain US black projects, such as Lightcraft, you should really be disturbed by the utter lack of admittance that acorn-shaped and bell-shaped objects, even domed and flanged objects, are entirely US projects. For that branches of the military are unaware only shows how dangerously compartmentalized the American military is.

The flying saucer phenomenon was an entirely different phenomenon until it slowly began to shift to the UFO phenomenon, beginning with Levelland, Texas, 1957, and then in 1965 the Great Second Flap was upon us, engineered entirely by the wanton use of black projects.

Despite the enormous press that occurred and a Congressional Hearings, the military intelligence establishment kept quiet. Truth had been silenced and a cult began. J. Allen Hynek converted to accept UFO reality and made “UFOs respectable.” Congress was impressed. The Condon Committee was formed. They said nothing that had been observed was beyond human engineering, but they refused to name names. No believer in the UFOs wanted to believe them.

We live in the wake of the Great UFO Flap of 1965-1967, and it was almost entirely manufactured by the brazen use US black projects. The CIA today only glibly says, it was probably U-2. They know exactly what projects they were.

This section of my website only touches on some of my research. It is the tip of the iceberg of American irresponsibly on the Cold War home front. It’s free. I strongly suggest those interested read it.

In Quest of UFOs

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